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moving up the charts

im moving up these charts ,feeling appreciative for the love the love the nation been showing, even though had a particular hater on here who dont know better but im a real man with real goals i dont need to stunt or fake for no one the world is a dangerous place to be faking your place in the industry. im not a hardcore gangsta. but i do come from the struggle and basically still is struggling to strive, i feel that if dont have a stabble place in the world , never had nuthing handed to you than you is part of the struggle...but one thing i can say is i love my life and the people that surround it especially my children . this is what motivates me.


its in the process of being formed to its best movement yet, bout to start upgraded in the studio with wat i gotbut it will happen, better sounds better voice pick ups and all the movement is coming..jimmy2ton


its all about the passion of your dreams and how far will it take you. with me loving all types of music expands my horizon on lyrical music trying build up my studio but it takes time cause i got a family to feed. everything i do is from scratch gotta work to earn my money, not downgrading the hustle but i rather not go back to that again.trying do things the right long way cause i think it will pay off at the end of the day. i write banging hooks ..really need to link up with a beatmaker to put down some real exclusive tracks on the regular.cause i have to keep buying beats.