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An apology

Hey guys, Thanks for the support! I'm experiencing some problems with messaging as in my reply's don't send. I just want to let everyone know that we appreciate all the support especially from all the new Reverbnation fans that has checked out our single so far! Thanks- Alex (Apocalyptic guitarist)


We are currently rewriting the lyrics to the song that invented heavy metal, Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath FOR SCHOOL!!! There is only one downside, the lyrics have to be about different types of clouds. We will try to record it and post it ASAP.

Twitter & Myspace

Hello, now you can follow us on twitter or do whatever you are supposed to do on Myspace. JOIN US


We just played the Great River school Coffehouse last night! playing Self Decapitation for the first time live. If you like what you heard I am going to get our songs on I-Tunes shortly.

Welcome to the weird and twisted world of Apocalyptic Fury

Welcome, we are Apocalyptic Fury and we play metal! We are three-piece band Alex Berkson on guitar, Lucien O'Brien on the violin and bass, and Henry Ricker on the drums. enjoy our monstrosity!