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PP Promo Records USA/UK Split Comp

Be the first to hear this Comp live! We will rock the whole thing on Whatever68 Radio PunkrPrincess Whatever Show Any comments questions join us in chat! http://whatever68radio.net/WE68_ChatRoom.php#.U3OrH_ldWLh After the release you can download for free at pp.promo.records.bandcamp.com And also hear on other great internet stations!

Valentine's Weekend With The Logs

The Logs Have two shows this 2014 Valentine's weekend in Riverside, CA. Friday night join us at Morgan's Tavern on Tyler St. and Saturday be at Jack's Bar & Grill on Cypress Ave. Both Shows are FREE and start at 9pm

The Logs with Legendary "King of Afropunk" D.H. Peligro

Really excited to announce the upcoming show Feb. 14 at Morgan's Tavern in Riverside, CA with the one and only PELIGRO feat. D.H. Peligro of Dead Kennedys. Hope to see everyone there!!! And it's FREE!!!!

The Logs Come Home To Riverside

Join The Logs Wednesday October 16 at Mission Tobacco Lounge on University Avenue, Downtown Riverside! With Vicious Cycle, The Goon's Army and more!! Five signed CDs will be given away!

The Logs Head To The Mountain

Saturday Oct 12 The Logs will be at The Bear Claw Saloon 24087 Lake Dr. Crestline, CA 92325. Come enjoy a night of Punk Rock and Good Times on the mountain!!!!!

The Logs At Storm Stadium, Lake Elsinore, CA

This Sunday, September 8, The Logs will be performing at Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore, CA, along with D.I., Hemlock, Soto St., and many others. The bands will be performing along side Drift Cars, A Model Contest, Gourmet Food Trucks, and more!! Fun for ALL AGES!!! And an after party with Damage Inc. Event starts at 10:00 AM Sunday September 8 The Logs take the stage at 1:20 PM DON'T MISS THIS!

The Logs Punk Rock from Riverside, CA

The Logs made a name for themselves in the late 90's and early 2000's playing true punk rock music across the country in the days before the internet made it much easier to do. After a hiatus of several years The Logs are now back to take advantage of this Brave New World of technology and play some good ol' Punk Rock for ya!!! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else all around the Globe!!