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What the song, Great Day means to me...

The song “Great Day” sums up how I TRY to live my life. There will always be hard times, but our thoughts and attitudes can make them even harder.

“Great Day” is my cure for the blues. When I hear it, I instantly feel like…maybe today can be a “good day, better than yesterday”!

The song is a refreshing reminder to smile - you’re not perfect so “take the mask off, take a deep breath, and just be!”.

I hope the lyrics become a morning affirmation (“I Choose to Be Happy”) or a prayer at night (“Thank God for One more Beautiful Day”).

This song is a powerful dose of positive energy during the good and not so good times. Even when it rains in life, your light can still shine. So, have a “Great Day” private party and BE the best YOU without apologies.