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New EP: ''One Step Closer To Decay''

Hello!!!Our new self-released EP ''One Step Closer To Decay'' is available for streaming on Reverb Nation & Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Void-13/447407862014478)...You can listen/like/share & tell us what you think about it!Hope you like it!

Nick & George, Void 13

New Sounds: Ethanol

Finally we have uploaded some new tracks from our new EP, Ethanol. It sounds a little bit different from our previous work. We hope you enjoy listening!Feel free to comment!

Sounds Of Decay

Hello there!Its been a month since we created this page on reverbnation so i thought it was time to say something..Our first work as a project -Sounds Of Decay EP- is a self-released EP that contains 5 instrumental tracks written by Void 13 in September - Octomber 2012. It was our first work, so we are happy that some people liked it. I'm now working on new material, a bit different from ''Sounds Of Decay''. Thanks to everybody that supported us until now. Keep in touch!Nick, Void 13