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#Beyonce BS

#Sex sells...but U got some talent with that? We got enough #Beyonces' and #Mariahs' in the Music industry...To the left...To the left with that shit!

Thadeus Project
Thadeus Project  (about 4 years ago)

Damn RIGHT K!! g

#Rhythm Real High

#This song is Rockin the Charts...Thanks to all my fans and listeners #Rhythm Real High is now #6 Locally and we are in the top 100 Globally all this in Three weeks! Wow Bundles of Gratitude from me to you all!

How Many Girls you know that can do this...

AMAZING VIDEO! This is not a stunt!...

Im the Coldest One

Im so Cold wit it...I Come up...Wit Hit Songs a Minute...


Love is What Love Does! Real Talk Dont talk about it! Be About it!

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#Music is Majic! tm

#Juust like a jennie in a bottle Abracadabra! It somethin kinda like love. Music is majic! copyright protected lyrics by Kand #Official Trademark of #KanD (Terise) Johnson, The Oprah of Music!

Real Talk

Today is a Holiday and Everyone will attempt to enjoy this day of the year more than others but more sadness comes to those who have enjoyed this day with Loved ones in the past that have pasted on and now the joy has too. Take the time today make some one else enjoy this day more than others. Happy Thanksgiving KanD