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Foundations Once Thought Strong

We are pleased to announce the completion of our album. We thank all who have helped make it a reality. It is available to stream and will soon be purchasable digitally or on CD.

Time to kick ass, GH

Free Music... for now.

Capitol Hill Cleaver is available for free download for a limited time. Step on up!

Now We Are Rolling!

Coming up on our year annaversary and we have tons of good stuff in the works. The new recoeding is coming along nicely. A bunch of cool shows lined up, merch inbound and a first time at #2 on reverbnation! Gosh we feel swell. STAY TUNED - Tix info, Giveaways & More Coming Soon!

Have Goat Herder photos/videos?

Last night was amazing. The friends and fans (new friends) truly make the show! So we saw your love last night and saw a bunch of y'all with cameras... show us your pics. \m/

Alls good in the hood

Lots of shows lately and all love from the people who've seen us. From Ian and the Pariah House in philly to John Tru having us in Seymour and all present Goat Herder was proud to throw down for ya. Now tonight, the El n Gee!

Gulags Dirt Death and Lame Muggers

Dudes! Great show! Dirt Worshipper is phenomenal live, I'm a fan. The Vivisectors tore it up, for real, Russian surf Jams... it is sick. Then I fended off three muggers in the green, primal instincts are great, I thank my ancestors. After, holy crap, I caught the end of Bella Morte's set @ the 9. Fun band I see what the fuss was about! BE SAFE - Martin OUT

Thirsty Donors Herded Cherrys! -Apr 12

Talk about a good time. Nice to get an Elm City invasion on the road! Thanks to Death Prayers Josh for helpin lug and roll stuff. Thanks Über and Sarah for making it all happen. The crowd was cool and we appreciate the love. It was a good time cutting it up with y'all.

Thanks for the great show!

Toads Place Friday Apr 5- Nothing but love and appreciation for everyone involved in the show last night. Thanks to Opus for asking, Über for all you do girl, Chris for lugging and the Kamera Krew. RAIL Lightsbane and Fear Apparent were all on fire. Of course Earth, Opus' Black Sabbath tribute band was sick. Sounded exactly as it should. Another Tribute band to check out is Sludge Factory the Alice in Chains tribute. They were most def on point.

What a weekend!

From Mobile Deathcamp at the El n Gee to Absum, Drug Shock, Death Prayers at the Elm bar it has been a blast! The snowstorm Friday made the Deathcamp show way more personal. Great dudes. Props to SNAFU and Gangway. Parade Day at the Elm bar was the best thing we've done on two legs! Wonderful crowd, lots of friends, just all around great. Thank you and in the words of the Oz Man "good night, we love you all!" -Nick