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Hello everyone!! I completed a four year stint of treatment and am now going to be creating music based on my experience and new found excitement for life! I am so blessed. I feel very empowered to reveal more of my story through my lyrics and music. Basically the package that will emerge will be a rundown of my life early on through my trials and tribulations and on to my dreams. I cannot put my finger on what it is about losing everything in life, but I guess it is what allows us to see our true selves. I have been told to find who we truly are, we need to go to a place where we know no one. Shout out to my family!! You know who you are :)

I love sampling

Ever since I purchased my MPC 1000 I have enjoyed the capabilities and the endless possibilities. I have had success in my journey with my music due to the fact that I can study the composition of other artists music. Sampling has allowed me to get a better grasp on what makes good music. I am on an endless journey with my music and have grown exponentially. I continue to grow with new inspirations and new ways to look at music I currently make and have excitement to see what I will create later in my career.