2013 Montreal Ska Festival Photos

Check out this link to photos of Montreal Ska Festival's concert on Friday Oct 18th featuring Real Deal, Rude City Riot, Kman & the 45s and Big D and the Kids Table: http://www.camuz.ca/photos/festival-ska-big-d-kids

Best Of 2011 - Vancouver Edition by Tim Bogdachev

Best of 2011, Vancouver Edition by Tim Bogdachev on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 Hello Hello Hello! It’s that time of the year when people put together their “Best of the year“ lists. I’m very nerdy that way. Like previous year, I’m creating 2 "best of the year" lists, one for local scene and the other one, other all “Best of 2011” list. Why two? First of all, I think that supporting and celebrating local talent is very important, because not all the bands can get national radio rotation or big promotion. And secondly, CiTR, the station We All Fall Down is hosted on, is very supportive to local and Canadian art and music. We have a great music scene in Vancouver and it was very hard for me to pick the best album of the year because there are way too many good releases out there. It was a very tough choice, but here’s my “Best of 2011 (Vancouver Edition)” list:

3. Rude City Riot - Nothin' But Time (STOMP records) Another great album! Vancouver has a phenomenal ska scene and Rude City Riot are one of the key artists in the city. Nothin' But Time is a pretty eclectic record. It has punk influenced tunes like the title track, classic 3rd wave ska tune “Imposter Man” and almost roots reggae song “The Reaper”. Check out this release if you enjoy ska punk music in the vein of best STOMP Records artists. 2. Living With Lions - Holy Shit (Black Box Music) Another brilliant record! It was an extremely hard choice for me, because I love both albums so much. I think I gave the top position to The Rebel Spell, because it’s been way too long waiting for their new album to come out. Holy Shit is the quintessence of pop punk in the modern punk scene. This band is definitely one of the best bands in the genre in the world right now. Holy Shit has everything what a pop punk album needs – catchy melodies, harmonies, speed, relationship influenced lyrics :) They are very good musicians, but at the same time it’s just a bunch of friends who like play music together and travel the world. The album, mostly packaging and liner notes, caused controversy and the band even was criticized by Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore. Living With Lions with the help of their fans, recouped the money and returned funds to FACTOR. This story proves once again, that the government don’t want to spend money on art and wants to make life harder for such great organizations like FACTOR and talented young artists like Living With Lions. Chase and Landon visited me in CiTR studio for the interview in September, before leaving to Europe. Interview with Chase and Landon (Living With Lions) 1. The Rebel Spell - It's a Beautiful Future (Rebel Time Records) What a brilliant record!!! The Rebel Spell are back with their third studio album. Previous full length “Days of Rage” came out 6 years ago and its been way too long, but the band came back with punk rock bomb. “It's a Beautiful Future” contains 12 extremely catchy and well written punk rock anthems and after couple of spins you can easily sing along to these songs. Musically it’s still the same Rebel Spell, but at the same time the band tries couple new things – piano in “It Can't Be Just Me”, fiddle in “Uncontrollable” and acoustic cover of Leon Rosselson’s “The World Turned Upside Down”.

Exclaim Mag calls RCR's new album " incredibly well crafted and insanely catchy"

If you replaced the up-strokes with down and the horns with another guitar, Vancouver, BC's Rude City Riot could be Canada's next Chixdiggit ― that is to say, creators of some incredibly well crafted, straight-ahead, insanely catchy pop punk. The phrasing of the verses and the expert creation and execution of a killer chorus (not to mention the lead vocals of singer Dustin Lionhart III, which are pretty similar to Chixdiggits' K.J. Jansen) are pretty much where the comparisons end though, because Rude City Riot like to ska the hell out of their stuff, and they do it impressively well ― doubly so considering this is their debut. The seven-piece shine on "Victoria," an anthem about a troublesome girl (or is it a city?), and "Rudies Don't Care." Both open with that beloved ska brass and continue like the best of favourite commercial ska punks Reel Big Fish and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. A select group of people will treasure this, with Rude City Riot keeping the ska dream alive. By Nicole Villeneuve for www.exclaim.ca and Exclaim Magazine. May 31, 2011 (Nothing But Time is available on itunes, Amazon and www.Stomprecords.com)

Stomp Records again voted the Best Record Label in Montreal


Hail the Condor


High up in the misty mountains of mysterious Vancouver Island there is a world class recording studio, (The Bird's Nest) in it sits the "Condor" working on his next creation to release upon the unsuspecting music world. As he looks up stirring the pot in front of him, he smiles as he gazes out the window over the clouds and sees the light shine off the glass towers of Vancouverland. "Wait, he thinks to himself, until they hear this stuff" Not too long ago Condor engineered the album "Population Declining" by Eastern Canadian break out band "Hail The Villain". Chart Attack last week named it the top Canadian Rock Album of 2010. Today it was announced that "Population Declining" is nominated for a Juno for best Rock Album of the 2010. Why should RCR, Skaspot and you be excited about this? Because the Condor (Alex Aligizakis) is hard at work engineering, mixing and producing the new Rude City Riot album to be released by Stomp Records and distributed by the Warner Music Group in April 2011.

New RCR poster from www.combination13.com


COMBI13 ROCK THE RUDE RIOT FUN! January 11 The latest print off the Combi13 press is this Gigposter for Vancouver’s very own Power Ska band ‘Rude City Riot’ – The band look set to kick off a storming 2011 with this double header show at the downtown venue, Malones…Having just signed to Stomp Records, the band are currently putting the finishing touches to tracks on their upcoming debut full length, some of which eager fans will be able to hear during these upcoming gigs…Supporting the band on the Friday show we have Reggae on the Rocks, led by the outrageously talented Lady Mish Mash on vocals, ROTR take classic rock slices and give them a heavy dose of reggae flavour & packing the dancefloor with their deep grooves…Both of these bands, I can’t personally recommend enough for a good night out..! Saturdays show will see Rude City Riot supported by ‘Special Guests’, whom I’ve never seen play but have noticed their name cropping up on Posters all the over the world, so hey, they must be good right..?

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Review of Rude City Riot live show


History of the Victoria Ska Festival

Check out this blog entry from the Victoria Ska Festival website: http://victoriaskafest.ca/history.php?nothing=nothing

Video of Rude City Riot Power-Ska song "Victoria"

released Nov 2008 - directed by Brian Child


Fan creates Youtube slideshow of Rude City Riot song "25 years"

Greetings, one of our fans created this video clip. It is a slide show of recent RCR gig posters and photos from a video shoot (Victoria) taken almost two years ago. The photos are dated and do not include recent members but the posters and logos demonstrate the strength of RCR graphics, mostly provided by Steve Kitchen of www.combination13.com

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