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We are still around

Well it has been 6 months since our CD release party and show! First we want to thank everyone that came to support us that night, especially the great bands that shared the stage with us. Woody Lissauer, US, and Harlen County Kings. It was an honor that you all came that night. Next, we are still around, but we all live in 3 different states now. Mark is still in Maryland, Jeff Chance is in St. louis, and Jeff Johnson, and Nate are in Nashville. Nate moved to Nashville right after we finished our recording and started working with a Christian touring band, but came back to Baltimore to do the show. We are currently writing, and sending files and ideas through the internet. Each of us has our own studio now. Again, thanks for your support and being a part of the BLUE ICE family.


We are currently recording our long awaited album. Yes, I said album. its been 30 years since we have worked together, and we have a "New" chemistry. The only thing is that we all have busy lives, so to get us all in the studio together is hard. We will give updates as they come along. thanks for your support, and please share and spread the word!