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Pizza, Pond Jumping & Producers..

What up peeps! Once again, let me start by saying what you all already know, I'm a TERRIBLE BLOGGER!!! but hopefully you guys are all enjoying this slight glimpse into our journey as a band, as as people! First things first, we're set for a return to Europe from July 31st through August 17th. During this time we will be in Budapest, Pecs, Vijta, Kragujevac, Subotica, Belgrade, Tatabanya and Croatia! We'll also be making stops in New York City and Connecticut. We're extremely excited! We're also going on a leap of faith as well. There are still plenty of items that we are raising money for such as transportation, and the cost of flying some four equipment over seas! We're about another 2K away from meeting some of our goals with about 4 months to go! We're confident all will be provided.. but if you'd like to contribute, buy a T-Shirt! buy a CD!!!! Speaking of CD's, a few weeks ago we started recording our second CD and what we hope will be our first FULL LENGTH recording. On our first CD we did a lot of our own recording and production. David Parker, the bands bass/keyboard player was the primary Producer and engineer and he did a wonderful job! Judging from all the positive feedback we received from all of you regarding our CD, many of you enjoyed it as well! This time around we took a bit of a left turn. Not only in terms of a slight style adjustment but also in our recording process. This time around we are happy to announce that Brian Logue will be producing and engineering our second effort. Brian is an accomplished musician in his own right and has several recording and producing efforts under his belt and has a very keen ear and imagination for the recording process. It's been a joy to work with him over the past several weeks and we're looking forward to to the weeks to come as the recording project starts to round into form! we're working very hard to have this project finished for our trip to Europe. So needless to say before we jump the pond and he'd over to Europe, there will be lots of late night pizza runs in our future! to follow more directly our journey and march through the recording process you can follow us on Instragram and Facebook! while we are maintaining our Bluesy/Gospel Roots from our first CD, expect a little bit more of an edge in our second release with our typical nods to some of the great classic rock and blues bands of the past. Some quick personal notes to our followers out there, Thank you Ralph Escalante and COH for your hospitality!! you guys were awesome!! and we look forward to next year! ( Bigger room hopefully!) Thank you Mrs.Parker! ( David Parkers Mom ) who showed up at one of our rehearsals just to say hi! thank you for Birthing David!!!! To Mrs.Santoni ( Michael Santoni's Wife ) Hope you enjoyed your pizza!!! Thanks for letting us invade your house every friday and stealing your husband away from you on weekends!! To Carey Matthews our booking agent, You rock bro! we're going to double your pay now! Shannon Jimmerson, You continue to inspire all of us. I hope you know that. You've come a loooooong way so i know you won't take it personally when I say...Grilled Donald Duck with Sweet baby rays is an awesome dinner choice! :) Zita Barlai at least we have snoopy in common! Benny we still need to do some dueling guitar solo's! Kamron Jones @ The Rock, Marla Harvey and Solano NLC, Seth Allingham and CCML, Bill Walden ( hop along ) and CMNV, Bob Bugeja and "WILL CALL" Armond Paoloni, Doug Swinburne and The Arbor Alliance, You guys are all awesome! looking forward to working with you all soon! Brian Logue and Valley Church thank you for your donations and support of the RWP crew! P.S. - Our Email address has changed slightly! you can now contact us directly at runwithpatienceband@gmail.com blessings all! RWP