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Hey, we're getting ready to head into the studio to start work on our first cd! Quarter Note Studios in Kinston, NC will be the place, and recording should be going on in June and/or July. We're excited about it! As you can tell from all the exclamation points!!!

Common Grounds

We're all ready for our next gig at Common Grounds. We're bringing surf back to Bunn, NC. Every place needs a little surf, after all.

New Tunes Times

Hey, it's new tunes time for the Stormsurfers. We have a 2 hour gig coming up in March, and we should have as at least 4 new songs in the setlist by then.

Not to mention the fact (despite the fact that we're mentioning it) that we're getting songs ready for our first venture into the recording studio!

Come on out to the the March show and let's have some fun.

New shows

Hey, everyone! We're working hard to get more shows this year. Check the schedule, see where we're playing and come on out for the music!

More Stuff...

Fall festival gig coming up this evening, two new songs just finished...life is good

New demo tracks up soon

We just finished recording demo versions of a dozen or so tracks, and some of them will be hitting the site soon

New Gig Coming Up

Hey, we have a gig scheduled at the end of August at the Flying Shamrock! We'll get the gig posted shortly as soon as we make sure of all the details.

Next gig

We're busy getting ready for our gig at the Red Room. We'll have some brand new songs to debut at that show, so come on out and have some fun!

Spring Festival

We played a few songs at the WCC Spring Festival last night and had a blast. The theme was "1963" and we played Pipeline and Wipeout.

Recording of our demo CD is coming along, and, next week, we are playing the Red Room in Kinston, NC. Come on out and enjoy some tune with us!

Keeping On

The Pink Hill show went well, but we learned a valuable lesson. When playing an outside gig, wear sunscreen!

Work continues on our demo cd, and we played through our latest original tune yesterday. We were really happy with how it came out.

As summer and spring come on, it's serious gig hunting time.