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Song O The Brook

The Song Of The Brook If you take out the rocks the brook would lose it's song. It's often the difficult things that surround our journey that ultimately creates who we are. The more rocks you can add to the brook the more glorious the sounds. It's so easy to feel that there is no result from all your struggle, but keep in mind the sounds coming from the brook. Remember our ultimate example in Christ. Jesus suffered it all for you and I. He could have called a host of angels and came down from the cross, but where would we be. What glorious sounds are still heard and forever will be from the brook of the life of the Son of God. Never has a painter painted or a poem been sung, that the artist heart fainted, and the poets heart was wrung. Don't grieve over the rocks in your brook. Embrace them for the song being sung.

Rhynell Williams
Rhynell Williams  (almost 4 years ago)

Love these words of wisdom.