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Looking for drummer, bass players, and ???

I've been asked "do you have a band" after several of my solo gigs. The answer has always been, "no, I'm a solo artist". Which has gotten me plenty of bookings, but lately I've been told if I had a band "we'd have you booked on more local big stage events and headliners (festivals, local bars, etc.)".

So I'm looking for a drummer, and bass player right now in the Castle Rock, CO area.

If you are interested, pleased let me know. Also, please send me links to your music. I play a lot of classic country, classic rock, and some new country.


Taylor is home!

Well, I received my new Taylor 618e last week, and it sounds just as I remember when I played it at the Taylor Visitor center in El Cajon, CA.

Oddly enough, I never plugged it in to an amp when I was at Taylor, I only did so when I got it in my studio. I was not disappointed, the Expression System 2, this guitar is equipped with, elevated the natural tones of this guitar and further solidified my decision to buy this guitar.

I will be playing and recording with this guitar probably much more than my Takamine PSF 15C, not because it is new but because where the Takamine is a more mellow tone, this give me much more attack followed by sustain. There is a bit of difference between a cedar face and indian rosewood sides and back of the Takamine and a sitka spruce face with big leaf maple sides and back on my new Taylor 618e. Each for its own purpose.

This will be a great guitar for my upcoming live performances at The Stagecoach Saloon in Franktown, CO. I'm pretty excited to put it to work, stay tuned for more updates.

David Six String Element

When a guitar speaks, you listen

Back in 2006, I went to Guitar Center in Colorado to play the fine acoustics on the wall and check out the pre-owned lot of guitars. I picked up a 1967 Martin D-28 and played it for what seemed like hours. The asking price was $5,000, way out of my league, but playing it at the store was free.

I went back over a period of nine weeks, picking up that guitar to play it again, and again. On one visit, as I was lost in myself and the tone of the guitar, an older gentleman who himself was looking at guitars, stopped me and said, "son, you need to buy that guitar. It has been waiting for you and you for it. Don't you feel that guitar speaking to you?"

I did and I wanted to buy that guitar, but I made the decision it was too much at the time for me to spend, so I didn't pull the trigger on purchasing it.

The 10th week rolled around, and like clockwork, I strolled into Guitar Center to play "my guitar", but it wasn't there - I asked the sales rep what happened to it and he informed me a 19 year old kid just came in and bought it using Guitar Center's interest free credit card for the asking price of $5,000.

I was devastated, someone had purchased my guitar. I have been looking for that guitar ever since, while I have been able to find a few, none came close to the tone of the one I played. Not until I visited Taylor Guitars in El Cajon, CA and played the new Taylor 618e in its visitor's center. This was a factory demo, meaning it was there at the visitors center for anyone who wanted to play it or buy it for a very discounted price. I could not believe the tone of that guitar, I could not believe the sustain. It had the brightness and warmth I remembered of the '67 Martin.

I placed the guitar back on the wall, and after browsing few more minutes, played it again. This guitar was speaking to me, just like the Martin, but just like the Martin, I didn't want to spend the money. So I walked away, leaving it on the wall. Two days later I emailed a friend of mine who works for Taylor Guitar and told him about my visit and how I felt that guitar speak to me when I played it. He said, "you need to buy that guitar". Then I asked how long those guitars usually stick around the visitor's center, he said it could be months or days, you just never know.

This time, I decided not to carry another regret with me, so I bought that guitar and since this will be #14 in my guitar collection, I promised my wife I would sell at least two if not three of my existing guitars. It will be well worth it, this baby is unbelievable!

Check it out. http://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/acoustic/618e

Five Seconds

You know, I have just now become very active here on Reverbnation and as a result I begun to receive many more fans than before and as many of the artists are aware, when you are "fanned", Reverbnation asks if you want to "fan them back"?

It is a very cool setup - really. However, I am a person that wants to listen to the artists and experience the music. What I have realized is, if we, as artists, are trying to go above and beyond the local scene and get signed to a label, we need to think about the first five seconds of our song.

To understand what I mean, choose fifty new artists you will listen to and then determine that you will make a judgement call, yes or no, within the first five seconds of the song.

1. Does it move you? 2. Does it make you want more? 3. Is it unique

I'm not a producer or a famous artist, but I started thinking this evening that if I were and I was looking for the next "big thing" - I don't know how much time I would spend on each demo. I bet, and I'm only guessing here, that most of the producers and those who can influence your career have about five seconds to make a judgement call on your work.

So, when you are recording your song (and I need to heed my own advice here), think about the five seconds. What will it do to the listener?

Just some of my thoughts...hope it helps.

David Chapa, Six String Element

echo echo echo
echo echo echo  (about 2 years ago)

Good rule of thumb - the first 5 seconds...

echo echo echo
echo echo echo  (about 2 years ago)

Good rule of thumb - first 5 seconds...

Make It Happen!

This year, Six String Element, is officially playing in local venues around southeast Denver, CO. This could have been yet another year of just wishing it could happen. The reality is, it could have happened years ago, but only one person can make it happen, and that is me.

I hope everyone who is reading this will follow your dreams and your passion. Life is short and regrets can be plentiful.

Let's make 2014 a year of happiness and success, do what you love and do it with passion.

Make it happen, take the step, knock on the door, and ask the question. What is the worst that could happen?

Check out our show dates, more will be added as they are booked.