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Hi again world it's me Kaitin

I miss you all very much I am more driven to make you and all your friends like me and want to buy my MUZIC! To all my peeps in the club let's start Dancin,, to all my friends every where let's get Glamin, and to all my FANS world wide keep Prancin! (to buy my song Can't have me") Talk to you in a few!!

The Sweetest Comment from a customer. So Love This


Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I bought your single and 1. It was amazing and 2. It made me cry. Lol now before you think wow this girl is such a creep, it made me cry because it made me believe that I am strong for over coming what I did, and whether you know what I'm talking about or not, just know that your song and your music has impacted at least one person more than you know. Actions speak louder than words and he was mean, and he damn sure can't have me or hurt me. Ever again. So thanks Kaitlin ;) and don't ever give up on your dreams or your music. You're clearly talented and you deserve the world and nothing less ♥ - JB




Ready world

Ready world cause here I come. purchase, buy, gift, give, LOVE my song on itunes on JUNE 19

HI everyone

I apoloigize for not being on here in so long I have just finished my first ever video for my new song "Can't have me" soon to be released, so stay tuned it's AMAZING!

Hello world

I had an amazing meeting to discuss my new video! sssooo excited I am bustin at the seams....anyway keep an eye out for great things to come....See ya soon

Hi fans and friends,

I have been busy with my new song it is being mastered as we speak. We are meeting this week to story board for the video ,I can not wait this is all so exciting. I have a great team. Love and prayers go out to my producer.I need to give credit where credit is do! love ya... Stay tuned everyone it's about to go down!!

Hello world

You won't believe what I did yesterday! Ready! I pulled off a surprise birthday party for my great and amazing Mom.... She had no idea it was FUN. I love you Mom infinity and beyond.... Hope everyone is doing well and you continue wit making MUZIC!

Hi all my favorite peeps!

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season I know I did. This year is MY YEAR... hold on tight!!

Happy Holidsay world

As you all know this is my fav time of the year. When the weather changes a little (I'm in Florida) and all the great traditions that are passed down from Grand to Mom to Mom to daughter. I especially like that my Mom becomes Bety Crocker, every time I come in the house theres a great smell of cookies or bred or dinner I LOVE IT! Oh by the way come by my site and become a Kaitlinite....(a fan)

Hello World

This is a new start to the rest of my new life... I have some incredible, talented and amazing people in my circle and I can't wait till you hear the new me... You just got a taste of the pics, so hang on tight for the launch of my new tunes! They are going to be "SICK"