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I Ain't Worried

aight, 2 Chains gets jacked while tryin to cop some weed...according to surveillance tapes, his entourage ran...im often asked if im worried about da violence dat surrounds HipHop, particularly because I call rappers out in my lyrics by name, and am very rude about it, well my answer is...emphatically not!!! ...why? well, because im an FOI, no not because I feel confident dat da Fruit got my back, which I do, but because, as an FOI, u won't find me in da places where these things happen...I don't do South Beach, I don't hangout, any man wit a purpose dont have time to hangout, I don't use any form of dope, so u won't see me in da trap coppin nut'n, I don't hang in da club...if I have a show, I perform, I leave, there is no after party dat I want to attend, and as a Muslim I will not perform anywhere where alcohol is being served anyway...see, as a follower of Minister Louis Farrakhan, jus livin da lifestyle of a Muslim and adhering to da Restrictive Laws of Islam will keep me out of harm's way...but...if anyone of these clowns decide they wanna go out da way to get at me...decide they wanna roll up on me while im on da block pushin The Final Call, or while im out wit my family, or any otha righteous activity I may be engaged in in da public...well, then I feel sorry for such a person...a believer in Allah who is strivin hard on da right path is not someone u wanna mess wit, it is a sure way to incur Allah's wrath on u...I got killas in da Mosque dat love me, I got killas in da streets dat love me and I follow a God dat can't be outkilled...like da Minister....I have backing dat u see, and backing dat u don't...

"Da Pain of Givin' Birth"

As i've stood in da delivery room watchin' my children bein' born into this world, i've wondered, "how can any person endure such pain?". I've felt physical pain in my life as we all have but, there is no equivalence to da physical pain a woman must endure while givin' birth to a child. As I struggle to bring my vision into fruition, I see similarities between givin' birth to a child and givin' birth to an idea or vision. I understand da pain of givin' birth. Ofcours, not in da physical sense, but in da mental sense. Just like a woman pregnant with child, being pregnant with an idea or a vision brings jus as much strain, stress, discomfort, urgency, impatience, sensitivity...and yes pain, not for da body, but for da mind. As u struggle to bring forth new life from ur mind, from da stage of conception, it bein' just a seed germinatin', to da stage of it bein' fully developed, alot of work, preparation, and patience is needed. Just like a woman with child, a man (or woman) with an idea or a vision feels utterly alone, havin' to rely solely on God, even with a loved one there showin' support, no one knows or truly understands wut u goin' through, da metamorphosis, da concerns, da difficulty and yes, da pain. Just like a woman with child just wants it to be over and for da baby to just come forth, so it is with a man tryin' to birth an idea or a vision. There is only one difference between birthing a child and birthing an idea or a vision. Besides da fact dat one is physical and one is mental. The mother knows dat once da seed is placed in da womb, at a set time, regardless to whom or wut (miscarriage not withstanding) da child will come, but their is no set time for da birth of an idea or a vision...it may take months or years, or it may not come into fruition at all. And dat makes da pain of givin' birth to an idea or vision, dat much more greater.

on da grind

im travelin through da south hustlin my CD in da streets and gettin alot of love. Im gettin alot of hate as well, but I jus keep grindin. At da end of my day when I count my money I realize da love superceeds da hate. No matter how much hate I receive, I always receive enough love to keep my pockets fat. but, its not jus about da money. Da feelin I receive when a supporter stops to tell me how much they enjoy my music is worth dealin wit da haters to get to those who show love. When will they realize, their only wastin their energy and keepin themselves from da experience of discoverin a new artist dat they might enjoy, because dats all their doin...they surely aint stoppin me...lol