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Been busy as hell but music neva sleeps. Mixtape in the works. We grindin outcher! Keep a look out Reverbnation. -KingZae

Goin Ham!

Quality on the music has been improved greatly! Takin ova one listener at a time

Team Update

Went from 3 to 2 in tha group. We gucci makin big moves. More progress, tha boat movin faster without tha anchor draggin along.


Started this page about a week ago. 80 fans 250+ song plays. We workin our asses off foreal. Im n tha lab all day n night. Thanks for all the support everyone. #Chilly on tha rise i promise yu Oh Lord. #Chilly #KingZae #JonnyJ #DezzyDez

#ChillyEnt KingZae

droppd sum tracks, more comin we grindin hard!

About me:

I been all around tha place. Born in Florida, Cirtus County. Moved to tha Burbz of Chi~Raq. Now im in tha D(M)V. #352 #630 #301 #Chilly