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Personal Development

In such a crowded world where your passion means nothing unless you know that one person who can show the world. Going back and forth wondering if the vision I had means nothing... just a mere image of something great that would never come to light unless you take the distractions away... seems like the people who had your back or stating they would do something would do anything/ every bit of energy to get over on you... focus on personal development/invest in yourself/ believe in no one else for you/ no one else will take you there "ITS ONLY YOU" ... you come into this world alone and you leave alone/ mind body and soul.... feed those the most and you will see a better brighter life/// the only thing in this world that will last is water & music

Full Rotation

Sometimes what you initially want in life can change over the course of it's happening. New beginnings and leaving the past can be difficult, as new chapters appear the only thing left is memories and how to better them. Create a new chapter for yourself and surround yourself with positive people. Some of the best advise given to me is spend time with your loved ones and create memories to always talk about. The full rotation of your life is in play your dream career, family & financial situation is closer than you think!


Goals are most important when trying to achieve your "Life's Quest" . To sum up what I mean, you never know what your put on this earth to do. Eventually we must die, (Don't look at it in a bad way) were born on this earth to die right? our bodies our mind heart & soul all are one. What's remembered? "Ideas" "Thoughts" what will you be remembered for ? Ask your self that question & hopefully it sparks more interest on how your currently living your life! Find what your good at & once you find it harness it ! Master it & share it with the world .

Jonny Rockz/ West Hollywood

Performance is key,

Blog of today will be about Jonny Rockz & concerts, new music & music videos. I am going back to LA "West Hollywood" 2 get my show groove back! Want to reach out to everyone reading this no matter where you are stay updated with me as I make this the year to standout. No local artist headed for mainstream, follow me on my twitter & stay updated @jonnyrockz watch me do me! West Hollywood what's up? where yall at ? yall ready! also working on doing a lil something at the Hollywood Hookah Lounge off sunset blvd no lie when you see me holla "What up Jonny Rockz" show me some love. HMU & share the page download the mixtape!

Live at Bocci's in Santa Cruz CA

Need excitement in your life? Need something new to do? Tired of the same ol ? June 7th @ Bocci's Cellar come on out & Support some great talent including Jonny Rockz himself along side of the Rock BoyS the "DsR Crew" known to bring the heat while Jonny flow's to these beats we grow to love... this is a 21 & Over Event w/ a $5 cover charge

Timing vs Patience

Do we know the difference between waiting for something & knowing when it will get here? Have you ever stressed yourself out when you know someone or something was not on time? "I know the feeling trust that" I wanted to reach out to the BLoggErS out there to ask is Patience the key to peace or is it planning the time of arrival (Meaning which is better being patient or knowing when & what time you expect something or someone to be there). Great topic today my own personal opinion is not to rush, patience is key to peace & we never know the timing of when certain events take place within our life's. What do you think?

Social Networking

Let's Define Social Networking as a set of a few different relationships between people who know each other family, work, school & other affiliations. Social Networks is a huge community. As my own opinion, reasons I use my social network outlets ( I use social networks/networking to help me keep in touch & coordinate my efforts, promote, distribute "Music" and of course advertise). Need some advise from someone making a difference? This is what impels people to invest huge amounts of time, money, and efforts. This is not a routine occurrence, hook yourself into an existing network surround yourself by people in the same field as you. We can take a look at this as a job application the more "Impressing" the list goes as far as how long you've had a job? how long you've been preparing for an opportunity? what you were doing to educate yourself in the career path you've chosen.

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Let's take a look into what energizes us, is it money? is it working out to look better? chasing a dream? Of course bloggers & readers this is the one word were not use to on a daily bases "CHANGE". Is change necessary, is it worth while or benefiting your current lifestyle ? IDK What am I use to when it comes to change. I can tell you one thing "It's Impossible To Juggle Multiple Things At Once". I have learned a huge part in life is patients & also learning how to multi task your work, personal life & what you desire the most.


Hi RockSt*rs today's update is about life's challenges & obstacles that come into our life's. Let's Start today saying my everyday goal will be to make today better than "Yesterday". As Humans we cannot deny the "Feelings" we create, feelings act as a huge part of our everyday lifestyle, ask yourself are you happy? Do you love your life? Enjoy what you do? Work? You might not agree with any of these questions you ask yourself but think of it this way "Is everything in your current life style leading you where you want to end up" . Love is the key to happiness not money, focus on yourself by starting on your health "love yourself before you love anyone else". Keep thing's simple do not make it hard on yourself.

With that being said start today telling yourself today's a good day! Enjoy/ Live/ Love http://vevo.ly/PumHZH

Hard Work to a hard worker

Daily routine with a monthly change? Ask yourself are you really up for change ? It's proven that we can adapt to change which is a strong trait vs remaining the same. Breaking a cycle, doing something to improve your health, actively going for your goal & presenting yourself with a sense of urgency. "Early bird gets the worm" usually what comes to mind whn bringing up a topic like this. New Years resolution that last for a few weeks!!! Lets do better this year I honestly have to thank the people in my life mentors/managers/family & friends or stepping up & bringing me back to life. Anything is possible there is no limit unless you set one!!!!

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