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New Guitarist

Going to check out a new guitarist for possible writing and recording collaboration. Always looking for great musicians to work with, if your interested drop me a line! Peace. Lots of good things coming...

The Fish and the Studio

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The other night my partner and I headed out to drum class @ The Love Hut. I had hurt my hand pretty bad this week so I told her I would accompany her, but I wouldn’t be drumming. When we pulled up I heard the distant sound of music and of course it piqued my interest. I went down a few doors and listened through the door to the sounds of a great blues jam. Fabulous guitar work and a great groove. It became clear someone was editing and the actual band wasn’t there. I listened for about twenty minutes then decided to walk back to the Hut, then I thought,” You know, I don’t know these people, so I’m not losing anything by possibly interrupting and upsetting them. I knocked on the door and explained my curiosity, he invited me in. I listened as he showed me around their studio, very cool.

We talked about recording techniques and I told him that the guitar work was excellent and drew me in. He boosted the guitar up in the mix and we listened to his favorite part of the song. I suggested that he add a little bit of echo to add a little roll and smoothness to the guitar. He looked at me curiously and said,” What the hell, we’ll try it.” To his surprise it sounded great and it piqued his interest. I critiqued the rest of the song without reservation and then told him the vocals had no breadth, and no soul. He’s like, “Oh yeah, you think you can do better?” I told him,” Yes, I could rock this song!” He said, “Alright, put your money where your mouth is!” He set up the microphone, wrote down the first two verses and I put on the headphones. He gave me a little space and I drifted into the jam, eyes closed I laid down the lyrics. OMG, that was badass, let’s listen to that again!

The rest of the band started filtering in. I met the guitar player and come to find out he laid down the vocals I had critiqued. He looked down at his feet as he listened intently, very stoic look on his face. As the first 2 lines went by, no change… then he smiled. As the music stopped he looked at me and said,” That’s really badass dude!” I left them and went back to the Hut.

My partner and I are both Pisces and had been eying a beautiful painting by local artist Tiffany Aldridge. The painting is a beautiful dance of two fish and she really wanted it. Tonight, feeling like the rock star I am, I decided to buy it. I signaled to Lisa, one of the owners that I wanted to buy it, but to keep it a surprise. Yeah right! One of the problems with being an intuitive is that it is very hard to keep a secret, but we proceeded. Right before we left she turned to me and said,” You bought that painting didn’t you?” I denied it, Lisa denied it… everyone covered, but she was undaunted, she knew. I walked to the car and we all celebrated and shared in the moment! It was really, really cool.

The next day I am describing the night to my buddy and he says,” I bet you they call you back and ask you to come and record the rest of the song. I told him it’s possible, and today they called! They said it was exactly what the song needed and enthusiastically asked me to finish the vocals, saying that I was first-rate talent. Thank you so much, I would be honored to record the rest of the vocals.

It was just an awesome day in my life that I wanted to share!!

P/S ~ Keep a look out for the new song… coming soon!!!

P/S/S ~ The fish are Awesome!!!

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