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Neverending White Lights Record Could Be Double Album

Neverending White Lights' Daniel Victor says he just might release a double album.

In a MySpace blog entry written on Wednesday, Victor said he'd been listening to about 20 songs he'd written for the follow-up to 2007's Act 2: The Blood And THe Life Eternal that he'd abandoned a few months back. Curiously, he said he found "at least half" of them were giving him goosebumps. That's a problem, since the album was technically done.

"I've decided to attempt replacing at least half, maybe almost the whole album at this point. The thought of that is daunting," he wrote.

"Either this is necessary, or I'm completely out of my mind. Technically, the record could be finished. 12 songs recorded and waiting for final mix. Yet there are just too many questions and moments of dissolution in and amongst the notes. There has to be a trick to get this right, aside from taking medication and getting drunk and pretending it doesn't exist.

"If this is the case, I have a lot of work in the months ahead. These 'new/old' songs aren't quite songs yet. But scribbles and melodies and ideas that need to be written first. Then all recorded wholeheartedly and with energy and passion that I have to dig out of myself.

"How this is going to happen logistically, physically, and financially is a mystery."

After Victor says he's considering a move in order to continue his work, he spells out what he's trying to say.

"Would a double album be ridiculous? In a time when people don't even buy regular albums, and within our new 'single' release culture. Of downloads. Usually free. Ipods. Shuffle. Hair-dryer music. Disposable. Delete buttons. Track skips. Playlists. Compression. Bit rates. 360 deals. Dead radio. Dead video. Recession ticket prices."

We guess it still remains to be seen whether the next Neverending White Lights album contains one disc or two. Victor previously said his own perfectionism was getting in the way of the disc's release, pushing it back to 2010, and now it looks like it might be even longer before the album finally hits stores.

You may be able to hear some new Neverending White Lights songs when Victor plays Windsor, Ont.'s The Loop on Oct. 30.

Source: Chart Attack http://www.chartattack.com/news/75645/neverending-white-lights-record-could-be-double-album

Thank You for Supporting Busking for Change

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made it out yesterday to support the Busking for Change cause!

To those who missed it, check out some coverage posted on City TV this morning:


"We Both Have Exits We Keep On Running To"


"We Both Have Exits We Keep On Running To"

Yesterday there was some sort of machine humming in the distance outside my window in the early evening. It was pitched in Db. I sat by the open window with my acoustic guitar and wrote a beautiful song against the machine's pitch.

I've tried to take some time off, but it hasn't really happened.

NWL shot a pilot for a TV show called The Session yesterday which will air in April.

I'm leaving for Alberta at 4am this morning, but will return on Friday.

My two favourite months of the year are November and December, and I'm trying to enjoy them before they go by too fast.

I'm in Raine Maida's new video, check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrfqA2vTDyE


Vote For Your Boy!

Hi friends,

NWL has such a great community of friends and fans, and I want to encourage you to take part in spreading the gospel of NWL. It's great to infect the mainstream with something so meaningful and unique, isn't it? Let's go ahead and do that.

Go here and give NWL's "Always" a vote on the Much Music Top Ten. http://www.muchmusic.com/tv/mod20/daily10.aspx Drag and drop the song in the box next to it. Vote often.

This will help us find our way into the bloodstream of our country's system. I would love to intoxicate it.

You can also vote for NWL here as well: http://www.muchmoremusic.com/top10/

They'll be more things soon.

Otherwise, I've been ill for a week. Fevered. 5 days straight, and I've just broken it. Amazing how altered your reality gets around the 102 mark, especially at nite. I've been 'away' for awhile in that sense...but coming back slowly.


xo ~d.v