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Popular Trending Music By A’mari Entitled, “Where’s Bop”

When Gully Bop and his fiancée A’mari “DJ Mona-Lisa” broke up a couple years ago, he underestimated her musical potential. Not only is A’mari the reigning queen of social media but she currently has a trending top charting single from her album entitled, “ LipGlo$$”. “Where’s Bop” written and produced by Veneice Fung-Chung and published by Phantom Fireworks Record Label Inc relates to the rise and fall of reggae-dancehall artist, Gully Bop, It gives vivid account of his past relationships, and recent events including hardships. After A’mari and Gully Bop relationship collided, A’mari “DJ Mona-Lisa” broadcasted her live reality show for over a year while pleading to Bop, her “proclaimed” true love” to return home. According to source, Bop dissed A’mari the entire time so this track could actually be A’mari’s ultimate revenge. Bop on the other hand states that A’mari’s music “will not” sell and his ex should use the money which she’s spending on the project to “feed” her children. A’mari is pissed and soon after blatantly responded that the sales of the record will be up to the listeners and not him. She also reminded Bop that funds she had put aside for her household was spent on removing his “bad” teeth and resurrecting his career . Despite Bop’s prediction, the song is definitely trending. A’mari “Goodies” are supportive and everyone is texting each other asking “Where’s Bop?

Amari "DJ Mona-Lisa" Mission Statement

I am on a mission to advance in my career for the benefit of children globally who are often victims of rape and child molestation. My objectives are to educate parents regarding this dilemma, to make the public more aware of this crime that often goes unpunished and to educate children so they can help to protect themselves. I dedicate my life to this task!

Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) Sleepless Nights Album Release

“Sleepless Nights” is a compilation of songs written and performed by Veneice Fung-Chung aka Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa). The featured song on the album which is also entitled, “Sleepless Nights” is a Rhythm & Blues rendition that truly demonstrates what couples go through when their mates are cheating. The lyrics of the song allows listeners to examine themselves and the situation they are currently in; nonetheless, it honestly empowers everyone who have lost their self esteem due to turbulent relationship problems. “Juicy Ain’t It” is a hip-hop single also written and arranged by Veneice Fung-Chung; it portrays the life of every women that are confident about their body and craves for more intimacy. This song is energetic, fun-loving and sultry. “Juicy Ain’t It” is definitely a refreshing musical cocktail mixed with a unique form of rapping and glazed with hints of Jamaican accent and sexual mystery. On the other hand, “Goddess” is a rather cool Rhythm and Blues rendition that relates to the broken-hearted and is a sure musical companion in time of loss. It truly defines the duration of a great friendship or relationship and the abrupt ending of it. This song is “soul ripping” as it captivates the life of a woman who was treated favorable and then refuses to be treated otherwise after experiencing love with “no strings attached”. “Don’t Wanna Lose You”, relates to poverty and homelessness. The lyrics are sincere and allows the listener to view the scenario of those who suffer economic crises and come close to “losing” themselves but by faith, they are able to regain their strength. This song is based on personal experience and was penned by the songwriter while her children and her fought homelessness. Paul Harilyn contributes to all the music released on the “Sleepless Nights” album. The album has yet to be completed but already is on the “watch” list as listeners are somewhat drawn to the sincerity of its lyrical content and melodies.

Video Girl (DJ Mona-Lisa)

It's great when I can look back at my videos and laugh at myself. I've definutely grown from that insecure, presumptuous person to that woman in development. I don't see myself removing DJ Mona-Lisa (djmonalisa) videos from #YouTube though. Oneday I will be able to say, "This is who I was n now this is who I am". I'm proud of my life despite what others think. I gained popularity and fame by honestly sharing my stories with everyone globally. I did not hold back. I'm now focus on recording songs inspired by God about love and relationships and I look. forward to doing amazing music videos. I am almost where I need to be but definitely not hastening it; I'm currently trying to understand poverty n sufffering so that someday I can truly help humanity..I think everything adds up to this. PS: Everyday thousands of children are raped and molested...protect children. No child needs to suffer like I did. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE VICTIMS OF SOCIETY.

I am Amari ft DJ Mona-Lisa

It's been a long time coming. I take on my divine name, Amari to climb to the next dimension. I am not afraid of fame this time but willing to embrace the spirits that are here to enhance my career so all the world may give glory to God. Amari came to me during an highly interactive moment with God. I was told that it was my name. I dream the songs at nights that I record. I wake in the mornings with those melodies in my mind and the lyrics on the tip of my tongue. I'm newly transformed like a jewel kept in a vault then nicely polished and worn today..close to your loving heart. .baby plz say my name. Thanks for being a real cool fan! http://reverbnation.com/djmonalisa

Epistles of Love Part 4 Written By DJ Mona-Lisa

I fight with your honor and your glory to be victor of shame.

I tell the world about you but you don't do the same.

Thinking I may disappoint you When I so much want you.

You're the mirror in my life that allows me to see myself. You're my frankinscence and myrrh. Your fragrance of love is the sweetest essence.

You run, I walk..towards an unknown future. You stay, Im speechless Makes it seem like I'm not interesting!

I rise, you fall cause my fame is an illusion...of all the things that you want of me...before u caused this fusion!

You try but don't know why I make you this weak. I cry all night wanting to take you to the peak!

You look on my inside and think that I'm so meek. And I just cant help me. You knock me off my feet!

Words disappear into the air and you still are not with me. Echoes of my thoughts weary my soul and there's no remedy...but thee!

For once I wish tomorrow would have never came. If only time could stop on a second of yesterday. The moment you declared your love for me. Before my blind date with insanity!

PS: This is more than a reflection of me..true poetry..my life story written April 2013 (c)

Juicy Ain't It-The Truth Behind The Song

My real "romantic" name is Juicy..lol. I love the name and I'm glad that I'm able to relate about my sexuality without being explicit. I love when children are able to sing and dance to my songs. On the other hand, most adults should know exactly what I'm taking about..right! I have always had a way about me where I'm able to express myself in a rather cynical way. I expect to score a worldwide hit..it's juicy..ain't it?

Goddess, The Story Behind The Song

Owen was and will forever be my best friend. I met him about 2003 when a client of mine insisted that he came to see me. He was instantly fascinated with my gift as a spiritual consultant and marveled at my beauty. Over the years he hired me as his personal consultant, he said my time was valuable and I should be rewarded for it; I had gotten to know him so well and simply adored him as my friend that I wanted to work for free but he would never allow it. He gave to me but would not accept anything from me. Every word I uttered was of great importance to him, he recalled everything I ever told him. He took the first photo of me that was posted on the internet. I attended college always wearing a business suit..he often complimented me and once said that he found it hard to look at me sometimes because I am a woman of class and integrity who have yet to recognize her greatness. Recently my friend died in his sleep from a heart attack. He hated all my boyfriends...everyone of them. He said they were garbage and I deserved better. Owen you were right..see you on the other side when my work here is done..when I have become a global advocate..the voice of children raped and molested.

Ps..Owen what was that about? About 2 days before you died, you called me and said, "You're a millionaire but you just haven't cashed the check yet!"

The Price I Paid For Fame (Radio Broadcast ft DJ Mona-Lisa

America's most famous broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa's recent talk show on BlogTalkRadio.She relates to matters in regards to her sexuality and torrid childhood experiences. Radio listeners are shock to hear about the price she paid for fame in the industry that most imagine being a part of; every superstar has some secrets..DJ Mona-Lisa reveals it! So Is Michael Jackson dead or alive..hear what she has to say-you will not believe your ears! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/djmonalisa/2011/02/07/waz-up-mona

DJ Mona-Lisa Talk Show (Blog Talk Radio)

"Who would you rather listen to-married pastor that is freaking the gay pianist...child molesting priest...preacher who steals from the poor or a sinner like me?" Celebrity broadcaster DJ Mona-Lisa relates to her worldwide audience.. ... comical..fun...inspirational..exotic...bold:http://blogtalkradio.com/djmonalisa