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Still working on new tracks hoping to record asap Whatever our shoes we all have a platform

New tracks

Currently working on a little upbeat rap titled Mary made it possible .......X

new tracks

I'm looking to record my track My pretty shoes in the next couple of months ' presently working on it at home ......Getting sound of the ground x

Unknown Angel

I;m working on a new song for Unknown Angel along with a little heavenly number an recording a cover of Johnny Cash . Shortly

New song

I will be uploading my new song hopefully this week . Thank you 2 all who have supported me thus far Steph

The Good Ship

My performance went down really well at The good ship . Esp tracks Baby Brother' Love me the most ' London Riots and What goes around . Feedback on my performance on the Cemetery song was comforting to me as was Baby Brother......... It was a good day to sail

Live Band

My performance went down really well with a live band . Thrilled with the feedback . Progress in many areas . Still performing Open mics as this is also working well for me . Progress . Poetry in2 promotion

London Riots

Performed my new songs last night and rocked the public house with my track London Riots .. All good in the hood and offers of gigs coming in .. Its a good day to sing ; )

Upbeat Songs

Busy working on some upbeats songs I've written . One is a dance track from some time back and the other is an out spoken word kinda like my London Riots track ..

New Songs / Old songs

Working on couple of new songs i have just written and some old songs which i wrote years ago . Taking on board any comments on how to improve my recordings and very thankfull for all the ongoing support .. And enjoying the weather ; ) Happy Sundays