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I Wasn't Born an Agel

Have ya'll seen the I Wasn't Born an Angel music video? It is about as accurate an autobiographical song can get without being boring - and yeah, there's a jailhouse fight scene.


11 Songs in 2 days

Just finished tracking 11 new songs in two days.... whew!

Recording Dates Set

Heading back to the Sunset Lodge recording studio June 14 & 15 to finish recording the debut LP & some TRX for TV & film licensing.

Studio Time!

Heading to the studio today to record lead vocals for Dance Hall Pimps


Blues Banjo

Blues Banjo. Slide streaking blues is not just for guitar. Check it out.


Performing Live & ehhhh-Lone!

After performing with my 7-piece band Dance Hall Pimps the last 3 years, performing solo is huge transition... and bit scary, but in a good way. It's more intimate, more vulnerable, and allows me to connect with the audience in deeper ways. There's still plenty of laughs and stomps, but there are whispers too.

Spinnin Plates

I'm spinnin' plates on sticks... the priority now is gettin' back in the studio and finishing the "Porch Music" solo LP and doing some more solo appearances while getting the Dance Hall Pimps second LP done. The plates a-spinnin'

Playing at Mixology 101 on January 29th

Look no further for your Tuesday night plans-I'll be at Mixology 101 performing for the first time solo in 25 years...yikes. Promise to make it a great time. Not interested still? Well then check it out because it's free, close, and a nice place to relax after work. I'll see ya there

It Won't Be Christmastime ('Round Here)

Hey everyone, I hope your having a great holiday season. Take the time to check out my christmas song. Its not you conventional christmas song, its similar to Americana music. Check it out, I think you will all enjoy it. Have a safe holiday everyone. http://www.amazon.com/It-Wont-Christmastime-Round-Here/dp/B00AK876LI

Info about my new Christmas song

Xmas Song Revenue Supports Operation Homefront

50 Cents of every purchase of my new Christmas Song goes to Operation Homefront -- the premier service organization for veterans and their families.

The song is dedicated to military personnel and their families and all families whose loved ones protects and serve on-duty during the holidays