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Videos, and Singles, and Websites, OH MY!

So, we are entering the world of promotion and boy is it a scary one! Since my last post, we have undergone a pretty big change. We had to leave the name Fernhill behind when we realized there was another band of the same name that has been around for a long time. They are a Welsch folk band with years of albums on iTunes. So after much deliberation and heartbreak we decided to move forward with a new name. We came up with 'The Lucky Ones.' I think it will all be for the best, and we think it is super fun and catchy. We have finished up the four tracks for the demo and we are watching the number of plays click, click, click up more every day. It is very exciting to be moving up the charts here on ReverbNation as well.

We also released the video for 'Riding High' this month as well. We shot it back around the holidays on the set of "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" at Portland Playhouse in Portland, OR with our good friend Jason Rouse serving as director. We had such a blast filiming with a bunch of friends after a show one night. We are grateful to everyone who gave their time because the video turned out really well.

You can watch the video here on ReverbNation or on YouTube. It would help us out so much if you could share it on your Facebook profile or any other social networking sites to try and help us get it out there for people to see.

ALSO, our website is up and running!! It was beautifully designed by Sean Ryan, a web designer out of Denver, CO. We are so happy with the way it turned out and are going live today. Go check it out at www.theluckyonesmusic.com It looks really slick.

We are working on our next single which should be realized in the next couple months. Stay tuned!!

Getting Started

Hello World!!

It seems like we have been working forever to get to this point. Now finally, we are getting up and running here on ReverbNation and on Facebook. We have the first four songs of our self-titled album mastered and ready for you to take in. It's a little overwhelming to see just how many people are trying to do exactly what we are trying to do, but we sincerely believe that we have something special to offer.

We appreciate any response and certainly any sharing that you can do to help us get off the ground. It is such an exciting time for Eric and me and we are so glad to share it with you.

We are working on finishing up the rest of the album and hope to have it ready to release shortly after the first of the year. Between Eric's work, my theatre career, and DeeDee Foxx and The Stimulus Package we have a lot on our plates, but The Lucky Ones rank first in our lives right now....well, maybe after Chinese Noodle soup and football season! :)

We are so excited to be here and even more excited to see what comes next!!