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The "LOVE IS" Project

The “Love Is” Concept When I started recording ”Love Is” my idea was to get one of my favorite guitar players to record all the guitar tracks on this song. I thought, “what would this song sound like with Townsand, Beck, Eric Johnson, Steve Howe-playing the tracks. Or perhaps some of my local Boston guitar heroes like Barry Goodreau, Johnny A., Jodi Frawley, or John Fannon from my old band New England, Joe Stump or Jon Finn, two shredders that are also professors at the Berklee College of Music!!!! Each of these practitioners would add an incredible dimension to this song...take it to places that I had never thought of....and thus the beauty of musical creativity and collaboration. Then it hit me...what if I recorded 10 versions of the song with 10 different players, each taking the song in his/her own direction!!! I asked a friend of mine, recording artist and respected guitarist Jon Butcher in L.A. to come up with some ideas. He and I had talked for a while about collaborating so this was a great opportunity to try this idea. I just received an mp3 from Jon and was blown away. The idea worked...he took the song to places I had never dreamed of. So here's how this will work. The original drum tracks, vocal tracks and keyboard tracks are available to anyone who wants to add his or her guitar tracks to the song. Import these tracks into a “new song” at 84 bpm. They will now line up with your click track and there you go. You can record anything you like. The original song as produced and played by me is on www.myspace.com/hirshgardner if you care to listen to it. Now I played all the tracks on that version. I'm pretty limited on guitar so just use those ideas as a guide...I'm sure you will come up with REAL guitar tracks. Now here's the plan once we have finished product. We will load the different versions of “Love Is” on our site as a download. All of my guest guitar player heroes will direct fans to this site via your own personal sites (FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, TWITTER, PERSONAL WEB SITES, etc). Once there, our fans will be able to download the track of their favorite guitar hero, some will choose to download ALL!!! In short order we will begin a media and advertising campaign that will bring awareness to the concept. We will be offering each of our guitar heroes an opportunity to share in revenue generated from the “Love Is” Project. Won't you join us? Contact me at hag111@aol.com. Love and peace Hirsh