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That One Scary Moment

Have you ever been in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, that you knew things were so close to being over but neither wanted to acknowledge it? Both of you just keep going on in automatic mode, not wanting to rock the boat because- let's face it, change is scary! Then one day when life catches you off guard, a word or phrase slips out in the heat of a moment and oops! The cat's outta the bag- now everyone sees the elephant in the room. What the heck are you gonna do now? So have you been there? have you? That one brief scary moment in what the third song on our album "Being Human" is all about - "A Heart Might Break". Some who have listened to it took it to be about a woman in an abusive relationship, and hey, that's okay too, because music should mean different things to people based on your own personal experiences. We stripped the music down to bare minimum on the song to try and create more of the tenseness that such a moment feels like. This is a cool song for us to perform and so far, you've made us feel great about it. If you interpreted the lyrics in a totally different way, drop us a note and let us know. Its always cool to see how a song takes on different lives. Until next time, go out and support live, local music!

The Right Thing To Do

The 2nd song on our new album "Being Human" was originally the easiest song ever to write because - it is a true story about Cyndee's great great grandparents! yep- Hiram and Matilda really did exist in the mountains of southwest Virginia. What an incredible story- Matilda must have been one of those strong, stubborn, upright, do-right mountain women and what grace and mercy and forgiveness Hiram was given to pick up right where he left off. Originally, Cyndee wrote this song in trying her hand at old-time, Appalachian music. After all, it is about her Appalachian roots. Then, one day, in playing around on the piano, she began to see how the music could be arranged to fit the theatrics of the lyrics. So, now we call "The Right Thing To Do" our Appalachian Opera- LOL Using more classical style piano and cello and a whole new arrangement (without changing the original melody)- we love the dramatic effect of the song! Don't you think it would make a great movie? Until next time- go out and support local, live music!

Two Choices

Our song "Two Choices" is about the basic choices all of us face regularly- change or stay the same? speak out or keep our mouths shut? risk getting our hearts broken or be lonely? follow the crowd or take the scenic route? follow the rules or make our own? There's actually some pros and cons whichever way you lean. That's what makes choosing difficult. Having the guts to make the decision is key. ANd maybe either way is right, depending on who you are and what the situation is. The chorus suggest that if we didn't let fear control our choices we might succeed beyond our wildest dreams, or be happier than we've ever been. Fear is a powerful force that can keep us from really living authentically. The idea for the song came about because Cyndee, as we all do from time to time, was really feeling the pressure of having to make decisions... about work, bills, family, music, school, etc... "I'm really pretty independent, but I was feeling so overwhelmed I begin saying how I wished someone would just step in and tell me what to do for awhile. I thought it would be a welcome relief to kinda go into 'robot' mode and let my brain rest". The basic idea for lyrics poured out fairly easily, but it took awhile to craft and structure it into the song we finally recorded. For guidance, Cyndee started structuring the song- rhyme scheme and rhythm- after another song she had listened to. Eventually, the song took shape and no longer resembled the song she had used for a pattern. It really took on a life of its on. Originally, the song had ten thousand verses (maybe a few less LOL), because the ideas literally poured out, but we whittled them down to the most basic and relate-able "choices". The song was well-received when we debuted it in front of live audience only about 2 months after it was completed. We've recorded it with only the guitar and voice, we've added harmony and then not, we've recorded it with only piano and voice, and finally we recorded it with voice + piano + cello for the "Being Human" album. If you've read this far and have listened to "Choices", leave a comment or drop us a note and let us know what you think about the song. Until next time- take the time to go out and support live, local music!


We've changed the order of our songs around since many of you seem to prefer to only listen to the frist 4 or 5 LOL. That's great and we're glad you're listening but thought we might change it up a bit just to see what you think. Looking forward to the release party where we will debut our "radio" version of "Pain Comes Down"- originally "Pain is a Killer" was written for movie, and this radio version a derivative of that song. Until we meet again, take some time to go enjoy and support live, local talent!

Big Hugs All Around!

Wow! Thanks for everyone for helping make us #1 on ReverbNation for local singer/songwriters! That is too cool!!! We are so grateful! Please continue to share our FaceBook page with friends and ask them to "LIKE" us there. We are on the verge of announcing the date of our CD release party- watch for announcement tomorrow. Hope to see you there! Until then, get out and support local, live music!!!


Thanks for making us a "trending" artist on ReverbNation! Very cool, considering our new album hasn't been "officially" released and won't be for another week. We appreciate the amazing support and look forward to meeting many of you soon! Still planning the CD release party, coming soon! The album will be available for purchase by download and hard copy very soon. Remember, get out and support live, local music!

What a week!

Whew! what a week! Incredible experience being in a songwriting "bubble" with some of our "heroes" in the business and meeting new songwriters from all over the world! No doubt a few hits will come out of this week for some lucky artist to grab up! Its nearly 3am, and we spent a late night picking at the Café Fiesta. Worked on some tradin' like most pickers do wherever they happen to be. Chinese buffet nearly knocked us out, but it was delish! Observations: People from Australia, England, Sweden, Canada may have an accent when speaking but why don't they sing with an accent? Fascinating to listen to these writers share and write together. Music really is the universal language. A huge "thank you" to Darrell Scott who hosted the writing experience and to his assistant, Stephanie, who organized it all. May head to Gruhn's tomorrow before they move to their new location. They're having a big moving sale you know! Its still the weekend so here's hoping everyone gets to get out and support live, local music!


Oh, no big deal, just hanging out with some of the most amazing songwriters in the world, LOL. We've congregated in a beautiful, inspiring space that would remind you of Hogwarts Academy, hehe. Stone castle-like buildings and music flowing out thru the windows, its sort of surreal. We're learning so much about our own songs and the new ones we hope to write. Much like the way church members congregate for a revival, we are sharing and supporting and critiquing one another in hopes of growing as people, as well as writers. Tonight, we headed back out to play at Douglas Corner Café and say "hello" to our friend Donnie. Whatever you are doing in your life, your career, your hobbies, your families, etc..., we hope you are surrounded by people who love and support you 'cause it sure makes life, not only easier, but a lot more fun. Looking forward to starting early again tomorrow, writing, writing and more writing. Hope you can Get and support live, local music!

Gathering In The Gap

WOW! What an awesome day in The Gap! It was the 65th year of the music festival and we just turn into dorky fans when we get to see local and other musicians whom we respect and admire such as Ron Short & The Possum Playboys, Dale Jett & Hello Stranger, Dave Eggar and Deoro, John Carter Cash and so many more! We kinda debuted 3 songs from the new album: "A Heart Might Break", "You Might Be A Critter" and "I Don't Have To Look Good When I'm Gone". What a surprise to discover members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the festival, including co-Producer and Composer Robert Kinkel! Too totally cool!! They played with Dave. Alan "Magic Man" Maggard brought us a few of the new cd, all mastered and packaged and whoa! He did such a great job! (that's kinda why we named him "Magic Man" LOL) So now its off to Nashvegas for a week of intensive songwriting with some of the most amazing songwriters EVER!!! We'll keep you posted on how that's going and hope to come home with a few great new songs. Enjoy the holiday weekend and support live, local music!!!

Getting ready for the Weekend

Spent today getting some promo pics printed and putting together hard copy press kits and getting packets ready for some who are going to review our new CD... that's a little nerve-wrecking! Looking forward to a weekend of amazing music at Gathering in the Gap where we'll see John Carter Cash, Dale Jett and Hello Stranger, Dave Eggar and Deoro, Ron Short & The Possum Playboys and lots of other local musicians and songwriters. We'll do a totally acoustic rendition of 3 of our originals around 2:30 on the main stage. Hope the weather is perfect!