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What A Ride

So, we started out as three people who wanted to play some music with some talented musicians. We had great musical chemistry and also became great friends. Then we started to meet other musicians. Had a few people come and go. Ultimately, our band is made up of a mix of long time friendships made from previous musical endeavors, our jobs, or from church.

Almost two years later and a whole bunch of awesome winery gigs, we went to the studio to record three songs. What happened was a huge, pleasant and unexpected surprise. The studio owner was there early, we were late. Whoops. Parking was a little tricky. Damn it. Okay, we get there only a few minutes late, but once we walked into the studio, we became excited because we knew this was the real deal.

20 hours later, lots of laughs were had, a little frustration, and a lot of takes later, we had this little gem of a CD that we posted here on Reverb Nation. All of a sudden, our fan base grows, our listens go way up, our ads are being seen on King 5 website and other places, and now we're even more excited to see what the future holds. We hope that it holds a gig at, say, Saturday Night Live and many other cities, but we'll be happy to start with your local town and go from there.

We hope you enjoy the songs and hopefully come see us play live somewhere soon!!

Thank you for your support!!

The search

December is here and we as a group are searching for additions to our sound. One of our guitar players played the bass tracks on our 3 song demo but we seek another full time member, be it keys, or bass, or guitar, we need to fill in that blank soon, but not rushing it as we really want the right fit. All things considered, in the short life of this band we have achieved quite a lot. Many new songs on the horizon and our only slow down has been the auditions for the above mentioned slot. Stick with us, 2013 proves to be a good year for us all and we really appreciate all of the support we have been getting from our friends and new fans.