SPOILER (GUITAR & VOX)- I Grew up in Las Vegas, NV and the Eastbay California. I started in a couple lil local punk bands and then I had a short stint with a great band THE NEED and then sat on my ass for years then got in another great band STIGMA 13 (which both I think are still touring) I was with Stigma 13 for three years and 3CDS during this at the end I went on tour helping out my brothers The CHOP TOPS and NEKROMANTIKS. In this time a buddy of mine Eli H8TE from Vegas came up with the name and I stole it and ran with it. Now this is my band! "Hide your daughters It's the BASTARD MAKERS! ~SPOILER Hank "HANKENSTEIN" Alva (upright bass, electric bass and backing vocals) Geezer Butler + John Paul Jones + Bob Daisley = Hank. I lay down monster bass lines but that's when I'm not tearing it up on my Harley. I've been in multiple METAL bands playing the electric bass and have played a ton of shows in the Bay Area. But, my true talent is charming the ladies with a mysterious Southern drawl that no one knows where I got being a Mexican American and all. I started the upright bass September of 2011 and have been tearing it up and getting better every day. "I'm not the best but I'm better than you"! Joel Anderson on the Drums Bio to come soon! Description This is a rippen three piece from the Eastbay that will make your ears Bleed. Mixing all our early influences into good ol American Rock & Roll with a mix of Raw Punk from the late 70's to the Mid 80's. with Ol Rockabilly styles with a Big Band twist. You'll never know unless you come out and see one of our live shows for your self. ~SPOILER