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Featured on a compilation

As some of you may know, I play a lot around Long Island for fun in addition to full band gigs. I have been frequenting the Velvet Lounge open mic, and all of the sets are recorded. One of my tracks was featured on their most recent installment, "Volume 5ive." For a download (name your price), head on over to http://thevelvetsound.bandcamp.com/album/volume-5 and you can hear my tune! It's one of my favorite covers... KT Tunstall's "Throw Me a Rope." I'm happy to be a part of this! Help me celebrate, and download it :) -Christine

Summer dates

This summer is starting to get busy. The upcoming release of the CS &the Dirty Stayouts Album, a quick acoustic tour in South Carolina for June, and tons of acoustic shows.

Come hang with me and the gang at any and all of these performance dates! This is gonna be great. (more dates to be added)

June 6 Private Party June 7 Acoustic Babylon Street Fair AND… Relay For Life (Seaford) June 9-15 Christine acts like a hippy at the Bonnaroo music festival in TN June 24 Solo Acoustic music at Corey Creek Vineyard June 25 Solo Acoustic music at Post Office Cafe (Babylon) June 27-29 Christine Acoustic Summer Fling tour in SC

July 12 Live @ Deepwells 9th Summer Concert July 29 Solo Acoustic music at Corey Creek Vineyard

Aug 8 Acoustic set at the Artspace in Patchogue 7:30pm Aug 8 Christine Sweeney and the Dirty Stayouts at Mr. Beerys 11pm Aug 19 Acoustic songwriter feature in Nashville to NY at KJ Farrells Aug 23 Fundraiser at St. Boniface Church (Lindenhurst)


So as you know, I recently went to Ireland and had a massively amazing time. Seeing the sights, drinking the drinks, singing the songs. All together, I'd call it a success.

One of the cool things I got to do while I was out there was film a music video. Since we planned it SO quickly I didn't have time to record it, so we used a demo for filming. Well...this weekend I FINALLY get behind the mic, and get ready to reveal to you "Just Friends."

Stay tuned!

(In the meantime, meander on over to YouTube.com/christinesweeneyVIDS to see other videos I've done!)

Updates from Ireland!

Cheers, everyone! I am in Dublin, Ireland taking a vacation/tour/music video filming journey! I wanted to take a second, before we leave for the day, to say hello and give some updates :)

Firstly, it is amazing here. Super green, like they all say, but truly amazing. And everyone is so nice. I've had my first proper Irish breakfast, proper pint, almost fell into the Irish Sea (listen, the rocks are slippery), and toured around quaint little towns sipping spiked apple cider.

Tonight, I'll play at the pub in Dublin called Sweeney's! Appropriate, yeah? Looking forward to it. Then, we set off for our roadtrip across the country, and start to film the video. This is my next official music video for "Just Friends." Keep an eye out for its release in the coming weeks!


Happy Anniversary, I love you

The Merrick Fair (tomorrow...or technically today, in 14 hours) is one of my favorite annual gigs. This fun fall fest is in front of a great restaurant (RS JONES) and I get to see tons of friends and their bands playing all day, before me.

It is special for me, because this will be my 2nd appearance with my band! Gabriel (drums) said just today, "wow I can't believe it's been a year already!" And I have to admit, it went by quickly. Lots of great things for us happened this year, and I'm looking forward to our future, to our recordings, more gigs and good times. So, here's lookin' at you, band. Happy anniversary, crack that champagne. Christine Sweeney loves the Dirty Stayouts.

Thai Rock, comin back from the storm

What a beautiful night it was playing music on the deck at Thai Rock. Watching the sunset tonight gave me a new sense of calm, while playing on my new guitar (YAYYY) gave me a new sense of butterflies.

If you remember, way back in Jan (?) me and the gang played a benefit for them to rebuild, after the devastation of Sandy. Not there 100%, but it's good to see them still goin and building every day! Here's to you, Thai Rock.. may you have good fortune and sell many plates of your delicious Thai Basil Shrimp.

Youtube interview

An interview is really just a conversation. I recently had a conversation with John from Live from Long Island outside of my Patchogue gig at the Artspace.

Outdoors, after my set, we enjoyed and shot the breeze. One thing he left out of the interview was "what's the craziest thing you've done"... and that would be jump out of an airplane. It was thrilling and amazing and awe inspiring to feel the air in my face and my heartbeat soar.

To see the rest of the interview, and us just hanging out, you can visit it on YouTube! http://youtu.be/FrapNt_-va0

And if you feel the need, tweet us about it!!! @Sweenmusic @LiveFromLongIsl


Christine Sweeney

Q&A in the Medford Patch

Recently, a post on the Medford Patch was made about my band. Check out the little guy!