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Welcome To The New Die Sloe

What up world? It's Die Sloe, repping that Iowa hip hop shit to the fullest, and although I officially dropped my first and only release in July of 2008, I'm back with a vengence. I want to introduce my existing fans to the new mission statement. New fans, just relax, this is for you too. All this info is going to be pertinent to you as well. The old Die Sloe was a procrastinator. He only did music as a hobby, and never really had a blueprint for sustained long term success in music. He could have blamed other circumstances in his life that took him away from a potentially successful career in hip hop. Many times, he was just like any other aspiring musician, who may of had talent, but didnt have the discipline or work ethic to grow into a thriving business. So to my old fans, who I have dicked around for many years, saying "wait up yo, I got you", I want to apologize. But I also want to inform you that those days are long gone. The new Die Sloe has decided he is going to make music that he enjoys, and not be swayed by either the industry norm or whatever the underground considers acceptable. If he enjoys what he does, then chances are the music will sound better, and more natural. Chances are he will continue to create material at a consistant rate. Chances are he will tell you to fuck right off if you feel differently. I have kids. I have a responsibility to them. A responsibility to show them that being yourself should be the one consistant act of your life. You got a dream? Go for it. That's the basis for my music to begin with. So, in closing, I have been having a blast creating my new material. I have been so busy that I have actually amassed a full length mixtape, which I have coined "The Iowa ChainSaw Massacre." I want to be the first artist to put Iowa on the hip hop map. That's the goal. No more nickel and diming it. I'm all in from this point on, and I want to make sure that the people that support it know full well that I have turned a corner. So, I would like to welcome you all to "The New Die Sloe." Its been a long time coming. The mixtape will be released on November 30th, to coincide with an album release party I'm throwing in my native Decorah. So Iowa stand up and be accounted for. I promise to continue giving you that raw, hardcore, lyrics first material that alot of you hip hop heads look for in an artist, so long as your willing to support it. The mixtape is free. It's pretty much done up to this point, and I can assure you, its the dopest work I have ever been a part of. I hope to give you the listener everything you want, and to motivate you towards your dreams and aspirations in life. This is the go getter shit. This is that hustle hard shit. This is that cinematic hip hop that will take you places. Thanks for you time everyone. Chuuuuccccchhhh,,,,,,