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ABC radio Tonight

Tonight!!! ABC-936Am I'm playing live at the Centre 9:00-9:30pm http://www.abc.net.au/hobart/programs/hobart_evenings/

Second Track from the Up-Coming CD - "Burn"

You can listen or download 'Water of Life" the second track from Burn my up coming CD to be released now in February. I'll release one more in a week, 'Sing Africa'. With a special story that goes along with a remarkable recording journey.

Burn - New CD

Hello Everyone My New CD "Burn" is now ready for you to include in your life from my page. Download or Order on Demand. It's got some great people working on it from Tasmania, including producer Mike Raine, Tasmania Blues Legend Bill Whitton, my Son Harry McGarrigle-Paulin, wonderful vocal arrangements and performances by Eleanor Webster, backed up by Imogene Scopes and Beth Walker, some perceptive percussion by John Brittcliffe and finally, all the way from Africa backing vocals by Lydia J. She recording backing vocals in her home country, emailed to us and we mixed them in Tasmania. mike and me created the final track around her singing . . . Let Burn into your heart . . . you'll be rewarded for your kindness :)

Refugee - Live at the Peacock Theater Hobart

I woke to watch my country and how it deals with asylum seekers. But instead of being ashamed of my country, I will become my country, voice what really live in its heart"and build a world that we can call the land of Dreams."

one track to mix and ten we're ready to "Burn"

one track to mix and ten we're ready to "Burn"

This Day

This day the Ocean of Your Eye Can hold All tears that You have cried Touch the threads of Feeling You've denied And Love Love is all You'll find And Love Love is all You'll find