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"Nothings new under the sun".

Nothings new under the sun. This seems to be a very motivational saying for me. While it is true and it is false at the same time, I always seem to have that in the back of mind when writing new music, or lyrics, poetry and so on. Being so analytical with myself I have come to find a happy medium, while I strive to be unique and stand out from the masses, I understand that analogy and now embrace it. Somethings may be the same as what's come before, but the blending of these similarities eventually become a whole new entity of itself, and with that I am happy. I think of it as a form of evolution in the artistic sense, or a tapestry that has been woven by so many over the years so as eventually when we are all done, dead and gone there will be the most fantastic and the greatest piece of art humankind has ever created.