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A blind spot post rock, metalproject

The recordings of a blind spot have started guys, be tuned .( for fans of post rock metal, cult of luna, russian circles, isis, pelican)

Test without charge

You can do a free mix or mastering test without charge, the only thing you will have to do is to send your track (wave) via dropbox .

Email: restart.project.rp@gmail.com

Price list

Hello guys how are you, this is restart's project price list:

Mix project per track 15 e , 15 $, 15 pounds the same applies for mastering. For further deatails you can send an email at restart.project.rp@gmail.com , I will be glad to hear from you. Cheers and have a nice evening.

As I Suffer Silently

Another project came to final process (mix,mastering).The album's name is Echoing voices and it's available through band's bandcamp and youtube pages,take a listen of it ,cheers.

Official website

Good afternoon guys ,I am happy to announce that this is the official website of Restart project http://restartprojectrp.wix.com/restart-project

Free mix,mastering test

Good morning fellows ,come in contact quick Have a wonderful day


Hello there guys ,how are you,I would like to introduce my self,my name is George ,I have study sound engineering ,music production at XINI vocational training institute Thessaloniki,Greece(degree in sound engineering) music theory notation at Didilis conservatory of Ilioupolh Thessaloniki(degree in Harmony) ,asI formulate again the purpose of restart project is to help and provide the best quality of sound with the lowest price for underground bands,musicians.Thank you very much for your support and your friendship it means a lot and it's much appreciated


Hello to everyone guys ,how are you RestarT.Project Mix&Mastering Restart project is a mix & mastering room. Providing the best quality of sound, for further details you can send an email :restart.project.rp@gmail.com So don't hesitate to come in contact,it's good to be creative Cheers!

Do a test (without charge of course)

Hello to everyone, how are you mates , If you are searching or you are puzzled where to mix or doing mastering your songs,here i am :) you can send me your file project or your stereo audio (mastering process) via dropbox : restart.project.rp@gmail.com and do a test for free Have a nice day guys George


Mix&Mastering Restart project is a mix & mastering room which was created by George member of as i suffer silently , as it fades,ex Deceptive Incarnation. Τhe main purpose is helping underground artists to mix ,master their songs providing the best quality of sound,prices are affordable for further details you can send an email :restart.project.rp@gmail.com So don't hesitate to come in contact,we have to be creative