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We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Rap charts for Birmingham, AL.

We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Rap charts for Birmingham, AL. http://www.reverbnation.com/guddaboiclassics


when you think of music a concept that might come to mind is lifestyle. Musical styles and genres reflect some form of ideals, cultrals, and lifestyles. Jazz reflects the smooth nights in the 20's,drill music shows the hard grit lifestyle of Chicago. BC makes music that reflects a lifestyle of brohter hood, confidence, foucs, and constant growth throug life. Lyrics reflect the mentality of a driven and focused humane being that refuses to lose touch with there ethics, values, and morales also stay intune with there cultral and communites. Gudda Boi Classics truley reflects a fascinating lifestyle

making a name!!!

Gudda Boi Classics is a fast growing independent hip hop label based in Birmingham AL. GBC is makeing a name rapidly throughout the underground hip hop scene. With a smooth southern tone, that is filled with confidence and grind. Gudda Boi captures the tone and lifestyle of the south that many fans live and enjoy. With there constant growth and focus Gudda Boi Classics will surely be on top of the music industry.

gudda boi classics greatest label ever

When you think of the greatest hip hop labels of all time the top that come to mind are cashmoney records, ruthless records,death row records, so icey entertainment, and bad boy entertainment. But here is the greatest label and it's just crossing over from the underground it's a label named "gudda boi classics reocrds." GBC is the most creative record label of all time all the artist Kid Reing, Da Baker, Komplexx, DMP, Lil Troy, Big Duke, Twinola, and Decal write and produce there on music!!! This has never been seeing in the music industry each artist has countless successful undergound mixtapes and albums from 2009-2012 also gudda boi classics has sold over 500,000 albums without even having a distrubuiton deal truley amazing. they are preparing to launch there label into the mainstream the world better be ready for when this label launches into the mainstream they will go down as the greatest label ever!!!