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CD Release

Yeah bitch, Duffy's!


Possibilities? We are currently looking at doing a live show soon. "Yes, it's been too long." Once we finalize details we will announce on here and other social media outlets. Thanks for being patient with us, as we are finishing up recording our next CD.


As we work diligently to finish our second CD, we ask that you all please be patient. We will be back in force live here very soon!


Hey. For those of you that came out and gave us a listen, bought a t-shirt and CD. Or just a CD, or just a shirt! We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed playing for you. A very special THANK YOU also goes out to Lily (from Portland) what a great show they put on!

Last Friday

We had a Blast playing Dante's! We appreciate all the bands that were there also (Lily, The Adarna, and the head liner The Slants!) all you guys rock!


We are currently recording in the coined "batcave". We have invested out of our pocket to build our own studio, which is ironically cheaper than using a studio? We are in the process of recording a full album! Then we will ship it off to a local studio for mastering. Thank you for your patience, its finally happening!


It's the eve of our first official show and we have tons of listeners, and still only 5 fans. We either suck, or everyone is being reserved until after the show tomorrow night! lol.