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BIG Things Coming

We have HUGE things coming up, my friends. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for several awesome announcements, and be ready on August 26 for our debut DOUBLE album!


As we wait for our show at Langano Lounge, we will be learning new songs, and we will be mixing "I Live Alone"; it should be downloadable by the end of the month, along with our song "Can You See Me Now?"

After that, we look forward to possibly recording an album, and playing more shows! The fun never stops!!!

The Band On The Rise

The band is going to be making noise soon, I can feel it in my bones.

Welcome To The Lovely Lost

We are The Lovely Lost. We play music from the ages FOR the ages. From the sounds and influences of classic rock, to soul, to heavy metal, to folk, we play what we like, for young and old. We hope you enjoy being a fan.