Buzzfeed: 10 Incredible Indonesian Bands You Should Listen To

#2. Neonomora (Ratih Suryahutamy)

She mixes today’s music with her 1930s, jazz-like voice, creating Indonesia’s first folk rock sound.

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Svanapaper: Local Vocal (No.9) : Neonomora

Let’s be frank and admit that the current music scene in Indonesia has the tendencies of being a tad bit superficial and highly adherent, devouring off each other’s creativity and ideas, ending up being identical or severely similar. This chameleon-syndrome has subtly affected the growth of music, both in the indie and mainstream industries; everything just sounds the same. In the midst of questioning the identity of music in our country, a 25 year-old Indonesian native, Neonomora, has stepped in and became an instant game changer. The velvet curtains aren’t closing anytime soon for this hell of a treat.

At first, I was doubtful. I thought it was just another band that had a meaningless name, with low-quality recording and lyrics that are as deep as a goldfish tank, hence, I thought that Neonomora was no different. But oh dear, how wrong was I. This is definitely not what I had in mind. Ratih Suryahutamy, started singing at a young age, growing up with jazz introduced by her parents; music and Neonomora were a match made in heaven. It seemed out of the question how she possessed her diva-like gift, with her family’s background and a legendary list of muse, it is foreseen that she belongs in the highest peak of musical charts, both local and international. Her kind of music is one of the firsts in the country; mainly justified as ‘folk rock with a touch of electronic’.

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The Beat: Neonomora Fight The Good Fight

In a country the size of Indonesia, when a pretty little thing gets dubbed “the next big thing” there must be something pretty damn special about her. You can’t help but wonder what it is that makes her great. Right now, this is happening to a girl called Neonomora. Her one single, “You Want My Love,” released in November 2012, saw her almost instantly labeled as one of the lucky few—a girl with one of the brightest futures in the Indonesian music scene. And that’s quite a statement. So, is she that good? And does she deserve it? I’m not sure, it’s hard to evaluate when labels such as the one given to her are, more often than not, handed out according to the rules of the major music mechanics within Indonesia’s music industry. Let’s discard labelling her further and listen.

Following on from her star-status single, she got people hooked further when she released the video clip for “You Want My Love” back in February this year. With this, Neonomora lovers began to pop up all around the globe; Aussies, Americans, and folks from Southeast Asia, several European countries, and China all began paying serious attention. Several weeks ago a second single called “Fight” appeared and with this, the converted are more than willing to vouch for the validity of her aforementioned label. “Fight” is a brilliant track and has already begun to strengthen her position. When she sings “You Want My Love”, Neonomora still sounds a touch too much like Florence Welch and yes, whilst that does still make her amazing, for “Fight” she has slowly begun to search out her own path. To this self-exploration, she’s added banjo and mandolin, there’s Latin exoticism and a Middle-Eastern feel added in there too, and—just like her first—it’s definitely majestic.

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Jakarta Globe: Neonomora Blends Electronica and Folk Rock for All

Newcomer Neonomora hasn’t been on the Indonesian music scene for long, but the 25-year old is quickly making her mark. Trend-aware publications such as Nylon and Hai magazine have dubbed her everything from “The Chosen Act,” one of the “Musicians That Will Shine in 2013,” and “Indonesia’s Most Anticipated Music Talent.”

Those are quite weighty praises for an artist who only has two official singles out, but despite her minimalistic resume her obvious talent shines through.

Playing an eclectic blend of off-kilter electronica and R&B flourishes, the first thing listeners will notice about the songstress — real name Ratih Suryahutamy — is the powerful and soulful range of her voice. Sounding very global-ready, Neonomora’s music bears little-to-no resemblance to most Indonesian musicians out there. And it’s not just the music; Neonomora’s visual presentation is market-ready, showcasing the hippest side of urban-Jakarta young adults.

Her first single “You Want My Love” was released on radio and the Internet last November. The song showcases Neonomora’s potent vocals, which are slightly reminiscent of megastar Beyonce, and a rich production that involves tribal-like percussion and heavily processed ’80s-sounding drums.

The decision to publish one song at a time is a scheme of genius as it gives each track a chance to stand out while building anticipation for a full-length release.

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'YOU WANT MY LOVE' Testimonials

"Not what I expected..... in a good way." - Hasief Ardiasyah, RollingStone Indonesia

"She has a character in her vocal, Good song; anthemic and has a hook that is memorable..." - Denny Sakrie, Rock Critics

"She has a great voice; I like how her vocal blends beautifully with the music. Judging by the quality, it’s competent and very international!"- Hestaviyasa, Music Journalist for HAI Magazine

"Whitney Houston on ROCK version! I have a very good feeling for this beautiful creation of music." - Aldo Sianturi, Head of Music Business SAE Institute

“Listening to this new single by Neonomora. Edgy yet very sexy!” – Sarah Deshita, Announcer and Music Director for OZ Radio Jakarta

"I like what I'm hearing. Exciting intro, yet when the singing begins it is also surprising! Neonomora is a very promising new artist." - Arian Tigabelas, SERINGAI Band Vocalist