Hidden Valley To Mohegan Sun

Every now and zen one can feel the merry-go-round world spin. For this reason last year life played a longer chord of time in Hidden Valley...

The under-populated Anza back hills was blissfully breath-taking!! A Christmas highlight united music ensemble with Dholak drum, cello and flute. Thank God, Mike, Drew and Miquel for letting it be!

Memorable Moments This Year;

Thought about Grammy Engineer Pete Novak who recorded 2005 "Chevy Shooga" session @ legendary Encore Studios Burbank. Thanks to studio manager Darryl Caseine.

Sent out message online to re-connect with Pete. He said, "your ears must have been burning was talking to a friend about that session last week!" Thanks Pete who is now staff engineer @ Omega Studios Rockville MD.

Much sympathy to Mouradian Family for loss of Jim the guitar repair extraordinaire on Jan 18. A Few years back got reference from friend bassist Tony Puleo for seeming mishap neck damage to Godin Seagull.

This would be the first and only meet after hearing about Jim from late teacher Mike Turner years before. A performance was scheduled in less than a week...

Jim said, "got a couple months of work ahead but I'll do what I can." I responded, "thanks although I believe the real reason I am here is to finally meet you after all these years!"

In a few days Jim had completed repair. Ahead of schedule with high quality for an extremely affordable price. Glad we met Jim thanks for your kindness. God Bless.

Full circle around again while in Hidden Valley August 2016. Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver; Music, Meditation & My Friendship With George Harrison" auto-biography appears in volunteer room shortly after arriving. Read it then thought to meet Gary follows.

Fast forward many months pass now back in Boston. Gary is scheduled to perform with David Pack's "The Legends Of Rock" @ Mohegan Sun Arena CT Jan 27.

As you might guess things worked out in order to attend and meet acts after show. Thanks to Ann (Mom), Gigi (Aunt), David (Ambrosia), John Elefente (Kansas), Gary (Dream Weaver) and all quality performers who came together for a special night.

Happy & Healthy New Year 2 All

Love & Peace

NAMM Antics..

Thanks to everyone who supported the NAMM Show performance. Godin Guitars, Rhonda, Tony, Ann. It was great to connect with new & old friends. Love & Peace

Upcoming NAMM Show 2016!

Happy New Year to All! Gearing up for Godin Guitar @ The NAMM Show Anaheim California Friday 1/23 12 noon with Tony Puleo on bass and Rhonda Piasecki on beats. Special thanks to Bob Borbonus for putting it all together. Come on by & say hello! Peace

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays To All


U.S. Tour 2015 ~ Road News Pt 3


Back to I40E toward Nashville Tennessee. First night unexpected meet with Steven Tyler. Re-connect last seen at Glendale HD/Love Ride benefit concert in Castaic California. Heart warming welcome by SRF Nashville Meditation Group. Radnor Lake Park is a well worth historic conservation hike.

Met with Bob Borbonus of Godin Guitars at SoundCheck studio complex to try new Seagull Studio series acoustics. He kindly gifts winter hat for soon to be needed use! Lance from Acreman Guitar Repair preps LadyBird for upcoming showcases.

Grammy songwriter Gary Nicholson birthday/NSAI benefit show at The Winery. The Bluebird Cafe/ RIAA showcase performance was a unique experience followed by an inspiring show on Veteran's day with Darden Smith and his Songwriters With Soldiers project.

Second run in with Cody J at Exit/In Club..

Smokey Mountain cruise near Gatlinburg East Tennessee to I81N through Virginia's and Maryland. Camp at M&S Harley Davidson Pennsylvania poses testy hi 30'F night!

I78E streamline to Relix Magazine in New York for return meet/greet with Colby and Angela. Stayed at hidden gem Broadway Hotel reserved and hosted by Emmy in Switzerland. A great example of a perfect example! Visited Freedom Tower memorial to pay final respects.

Connecticut I91N through Rhode Island to Boston. Safely arrived three days before Thanksgiving. Welcome back meet with Bill at Boston Harley Davidson Revere Massachussetts.

This U.S. cross country ride covering three plus months, 8,600 miles and 24 states was amazing. Thank God and the love of many throughout journey!

Mission complete.

Heart & Soul Music Performances: Commodore with Rick Stewart, Jed's with Lightening 100 Radio, The Bluebird Cafe with Barbara Cloyd~Nashville Tennessee.

Special Thanks: God, Steven Tyler Family, SRF NMG, Ray Stevenson, Bob Borbonus, Godin Guitars, Acreman Guitar Repair~Tennessee. M&S Harley Davidson~Pennsylvania. Relix Magazine~New York. Emmy R~Switzerland. Ann P, Boston Harley Davidson~Massachussetts

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Love & Peace

U.S. TOUR 2015 ~ Road News Pt 2


Flagstaff to I40E through New Mexico. Stop over in Sweetwater Texas BACA secretary Franco hosts night stay. Rolled into Austin during first weekend of ACL Festival. Met with Lisa Fletcher for Arlyn Recording Studios visit, The Peterson Brothers at Continental Club and Dave Grissom Band at Saxon on Lamar.

SRF Austin Meditation Group opened way to extended stay. Enjoyed Barton Springs Park life-guarded outdoor diving board. Music community is large and vibrant. Peace to all experiencing rapid city growth. Re-united with LA recording artist O-Awake after many years! Bret at Top Dead Center cycle repair quickly and affordably replaced failing gear retention plate enabling ride to next destination.

I84E to Shreveport Louisiana with stop over at VA Medical Center. Met with Veteran Affairs Officer for impromptu music performance. On way out crossed path with brother Duane who graciously offered night stay ninety miles on the way. Grateful for another soul friend..

Rode I61 Delta crossroads to BB King's home play town Indianola Mississippi before arriving in Memphis Tennessee. Category 5 hurricane Patricia bolstered behind saturating good portion of stop over. Super thanks to Cristian for hosting stay especially during hurricane period.

Rain subsiding with invitation from GM Doug to perform Molly Fontaine lounge downtown Memphis Victorian Village. Great website self-editing resource at Otherlands Cafe on South Cooper. First run in with Cody Jinks at Lafayette's in Overton Square.

To be continued...

Heart & Soul Music Performances: Terrace 59 with Ron Hall, Blue Moon with Amber Lucille, O'Brian's & Giddy's~Austin Texas with Shannon Lee Nelson. SVA~Shreveport Louisiana. Molly Fontaine's~Memphis Tennessee.

Special Thanks: God, Mr Franco~Texas. SRF AMG/MMG~Texas & Tennessee. Bret~TDC Cycle Repair~Texas, VA~Louisiana. Collin SVA, Duane & Beth~Louisiana. Cristian~Tennessee. Memphis Pizza Crew~Collierville.

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Love & Peace


God Bless All Hearts & Minds In Paris & World.

Veteran's Day @ Bluebird Cafe

Thank you US veteran's & your sacrifice for our freedom. Last night Darden Smith hosted Songwriters With Soldiers @ Bluebird Cafe with special guests Gary Nicholson, James Haus & friends. A heart moving experience & uplifting project.

Visit: http://www.songwritingwithsoldiers.org

U.S. TOUR 2015~ Road News Pt 1


Began coast to coast, cross country ride on HD 883 Sporty from Boston to Los Angeles. While LadyBird Seagull guitar held back strapped through 14 states for 3,000+ miles.

Connecticut via I74 to Pennsylvania stop over in Ohio. Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Amid Midwest drenched tent, thunder and lightening riddled night sky until dawn.

In New Mexico camped along abandoned Route 66 with King-size Eastern Cross and Southern Mesa view. Scottsdale Arizona welcome arrival from Old Wagon Trail with 115'F peak temperature burns. Super thanks to Lisa for ministering wounds.

Southern California SRF World Convocation and Hidden Valley volunteer work retreat reap bountifully. Put to test on CA8N through 80+ mph winds on return to Arizona.

Amber alert condition now presents impending monsoon with no bridge in sight. Impetuous storm clouds gather above freeway border line mocking safe passage. Yet head long weather held for miles allowing express route to Sedona.

Music life is diverse and encouraging in Sedona's intimate community. Enjoyed living with old & new friends for loving memories. Natural landscape formations of breath taking design with heavenly beauty poured over Slide Rock National Park!

To be continued...

Heart & Soul Music Performances: Travel Center Ohio, Kulak's NoHo California with Jimi Yamagishi & Chris Cornelius. Vino Di Sedona with Jim French/Dan Rice & Oak Creek Sedona Arizona with James Turner.

Special Thanks; God, Ann~Boston, Mohamed & Wife~Iowa. Tony P~Oklahoma. Lisa S, Pat & Paula H, Glenn & Lulu, SMC~Arizona. Chris C, Mike & Loe P, SRF HVA, Todd C, Gerry & Dolores H~Southern California.

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Love & Peace

New Year Special Event: ROAR Benefit Show!

REB performs ROAR Rett Syndrome Benefit Show 1/16/15 Somerville City Club in Honor of Sabrina Budd. Proceeds benefit Girl Power 2 Cure 501(c)3 org. Please Reserve Tickets in Advance https://m.facebook.com/events/1489356994651323 Will Call Reservations/Press Comps. Email: info@roneverett.com 7:00pm Ron Everett Band ~ http://www.roneverett.com/