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Blues Pharoahs and LegalShield

Good day and blessings to all! I want to ask you a question. Have you ever signed a contract, or had a venue not pay you, or pay you less than agreed upon? Ever wondered what your legal rights are as a musician? (or just as a citizen) Have you had your Identity stolen? What if I told you I can provide you and your family with a service that will Review contracts for you and write letters in your behalf (Like collection letters for things like clubs or individuals trying to not pay you for services rendered)I have this service and have used the letters written in my behalf with great results. I know my musician friends will benefit from this service greatly. If you are out on the road touring, you want legal protection. This is a vital form of insurance. For as little as 18.00 a month for a single membership and 20.00 for a family, it is a no brainer. Add the identity theft RESTORATION service for a little more. The color of Justice is not always black and white, but green! We level the playing field for people like musicians, who get taken advantage of far to often. Look at my website, and call or e-mail me with questions. My number is on my website. Have a great day! Brad Karow and the Blues Pharoahs. www.bradkarow.legalshieldassociate.com www.idshield.com

hi there blues lovers and musicians of all genre,

we are the blues pharoahs, and hope to see you at one of our shows or parties, because we loves the blues, and hope you do also. b-rad