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Ain't no such thing. If it's not traditional it's NOT Country. Not to say that Country Singers or Acts are limited by anything other than the songs they sing and the message they carry. Afterall, Country Music is and always has been about the lyrics. You can dress them up, present them in best possible light musically, but once you distract from the words/message/story, It stops being Country Music. ~BW~

~Lazarus Tonk~
~Lazarus Tonk~  (over 5 years ago)

I'm not saying that I hate anything that isn't traditional country. I'm just sayin' it ain't Country Music. I've played Soul, Southern Rock, Heavy Metal, Gospel, Blues, Rock-a-billy, Punk, Traditional Country and Gay Bar Country etc. But Tradional Country is by and for real people and it's about real life. If you just wanna play something that makes you wanna shake your bootie there are plenty of options out there.