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My House is Fucked

The project originally known as The Screaming in my Head (although the name is actually just a middle finger) changed its name to My House is Fucked, and Nick Johnson joined on guitar. The stuff we're coming up with is definitely not what we would call Puke material, so it will be under the My House is Fucked moniker. The names of the songs are similar to some of those on the Perversions CD, but the songs Puke wrote after Perversions were more serious and fit more within the death metal genre. The songs we're working on with My House is Fucked are "Shitassmotherfuckingcocksuckingfuck" (new version coming soon), "Cunt", "The Kardashians Should Have Been Aborted (Because We Don't Give a Fuck About Them)", and "My House is Fucked" among others. Best way to describe it so far is downtuned Anal Cunt-style punk and grindcore without the homophobia and racial slurs (still love Anal Cunt, though). But we are definitely making this a weird, noisy, and absurd project. Check us out on Reverbnation!

Current Events - 7/8/16

Just posted a demo track for the song "Pointless Existence." This is a track we started working on in October 2015, so it was (and still is) in its rough stages. Definitely a more doom-oriented track, this was written just one month before I was admitted to a mental hospital for a suicide attempt. I haven't been the same since we announced we were stopping live performances in March 2014. Nearly lost my drive for music altogether, and I'm trying to get it back. Apart from that, we have all been busy working on other things, whether it is our day jobs, required home improvement projects, or other bands. Guitarist and founder Nick Johnson broke his back this past Saturday while flipping a house with his business partner. He will be recovering off his feet for 3 months, and unfortunately he didn't have insurance. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Guitarist Billy Lynn has been working with his band Malvient (formerly known as Catastrofear), and I believe he is still working with Enruined. Other than that, he has been busy working at his day job.

I'm hoping that the new material doesn't stop here. It's been a slow-go trying to get things rolling again, and I hope we start writing material again once Nick recovers.

Keep it true,

Chris a.k.a I, Misanthrope

The Screaming in my Head


This is I, Misanthrope, the guy formerly known as Chris Wölverine (he lost that title when he cut his tiny pecker off). Not sure how many of you knew that I have been working on the I, Misanthrope project, but other than recording Catastrofear and Ritual Possession and getting my act together, that's what I've been doing.

On the other hand, The Screaming in my Head is a project I am starting up as I need an outlet for the most absurd music I can create. The I, Misanthrope project is just too serious for that. So far, the best stuff to come to mind is Anal Cunt meets Sore Throat meets Merzbow meets Wesley Willis meets old-school hardcore. So far, I am thinking some of the grindcore song titles we rejected when I was in Puke are some titles I will use. It may or may not be original or good--don't know yet. But I'm planning on this being more improvisational and spastic. Being right and politically correct all the time can make someone insane, so here's my "GO FUCK YOURSELF IN THE ASSHOLE WITH A HACKSAW" to the world :)

Late jan. UPDATE!

SO as you know the EP is complete all around it will be shipped off this week to be pressed...it comes our febuary 15th! Release show at ziggys in chattanooga ,TN we will also have stickers and buttons then..you will be able to order merch via paypal within 3 weeks of now so stay posted and stay brutal!! also we will be playing a new song entitled Echoes of Putridity and possible later in febuary a awsome dying fetus cover so stay tuned cum farts!