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Been exceptionally busy writing more songs lately so that i will have i high quality of material to choose from when I'm back recording in December. I am excited to say the least about this having just booked another 9 hours at Banana Row everything is really taking shape. With photoshoots and potentially videoshoots to come I'm starting to get VERY excited. Stay tuned


Plans for the Future!

Although i have slightly stagnated for the time being there are exciting things to come, i large recording session of 18 hours over 2 days is planned for over christmas a long with the continue social media promotion and photoshoots that i am currently undertaking in stay tuned for big things:)


I am glad to say that all the songs from my Banana Row session are now published on various sites around the internet, i hope to do another session at christmas when i can continue to record and promote my own stuff!

What a Crazy Week!

This time last week i was merely an unrecorded musician who was to busk away, now one weeks one i have had photoshoots and recording sessions. Please stay tuned as there is a lot more to come