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Words for the Weary

Is it wrong for me to say something positive? for me to want to tell my kids that this life is one that they should want to live? That through the hang ups and the knock downs, they can trust that the deposits we've made will never let 'em stay down? That as they propagate through life I pray their eyes would always stay bright, that they would never let the darkness ever snuff out their light.

I'm 34 now, nearly half way there now. But as I get older I see. I see I'm no where near now. No where near where I wanted to be now. Regretting the mistakes of a blinded adolescent's dream I pick up my pen to try and let off some steam. I fight on everyday, with bent knees in frustration I pray for directions to make decisions that won't bring us shame but give birth to resurrection.

A resurrection of the soul, mind, and heart so that in all our “getting” we would never choose to disregard the lives that exist around us because they form part of we are. Who we are… that almost sounds make-believe. Like a song you hear in your sleep but because you can’t remember you give up tryin to dream. Don’t misinterpret this for a poem it’s really a sermon that I’m screamin at your heart tryin to show you your purpose. That there are more than the things the media and society throws at us to flirt with!

With the sole intention of stealing our attention and distract us from reaching and achieving the glory of new heights that would make us soar way above all the media hype. Don’t get it twisted I’m sensitive but never soft, I’m a hard brother with rock solid resolve. I may not have things that shine and attract attention, but I’m working hard to break down every wall and every No that the devil and the world would ever try to show just to say that I'm not worth a mention. I am not limited by the world’s perception of me! I am what I was created to be.

A man of conviction, unwavering in my passion and pursuit for truth and equality for all my people. I grieve when I see where our young people are going and how they have allowed themselves to be swallowed whole by the beast of consumerism in this capitalist story. Not that I’m a socialist but even within capitalism "we the people" have to be abel to limit ourselves and say what is and isn’t good for me & start the forfeit. I hope and pray that we can one day get to the place where WE DRAW THE LINE… and choose not to cross it!

Album Cover Notes

This is something I wrote on my Album Notes for the release... When I wrote it, I didn't understand how truly profound it was until I used it to encourage a friend of mine; who was thinking about not using their talent for something good and necessary.

"Remember to always love on purpose because that's when love becomes real."

There's a lot to be said with this statement. This very declaration, has been flooding my mind and speech for the last few months and I didn't realize how truly powerful this statement was until now. Up until this moment, I've lived my life purposefully loving my wife, kids, family, friends, students, co-workers simply because God loved me and asked me to do the same. I realize that Hollywood paints a very different picture of what love is and we as a society have become victims of the "Love stereotype" that the movies have embedded in our hearts and mind. We go through life saying things like: "I've fallen out of love", or "I just wasn't feeling him/her anymore". The fact is that if we are expecting to feel butterflies every day until the day we die... we are terribly mistaken and utterly delusional. We can't expect to feel the exact same fluttery flushed feeling of love and romance we felt when we first met or engaged in a relationship. Whether it be platonic or romantic, at the onset of a relationship we feel a certain "high" when we are around a person and we gravitate to this individual, at first, because they make us feel good. Unfortunately, with the passing of time, we tend to not "reach out" as much because it's no longer a reflex to. We just entered the "not new anymore phase" of a relationship and it scares a lot of people half to death. We miss out on great experiences because we don't want to put in the extra effort and we end up forfeiting our chance to have someone that could possibly help cultivate us into the individual we are meant to be. Love is not a "feeling"... love is a decision we make every single day. Once you open your eyes you have to make the conscious decision to love the person next to you even when you don't want to because that's what God does for us. He loves us even when we "suck" lol.

I hope that I can encourage you all to just make an extra effort to love the people around you. Because if we all make the decision to love... this world and our communities would be a much better place.

Love, Tony Max

The Truth is Real!

The truth is one of the most difficult things in this world to say and to hear. The truth gives you a front row seat to reality, and it shows you who you really are. This is why so many people are afraid to have "real" conversations about "real" issues. We would all prefer to live in a world where the truth is an option and false realities are preferred. The problem with false realities is that they never last, and they can never satisfy people of character. If you, like me, are a person of integrity who only wants the truth then you could never settle for a lie, because the truth brings you closer to fulfilling your destiny on this earth . I encourage all the courageous men and women out there who are working and doing their best to provide a better future for themselves and their families and to keep fighting for the truth. Keep pushing the lies away and continue living honestly and openly. Never give in to the cowardly and hypocritical way of living and always advocate for the Truth.

The truth is, we are all so easily pushed into being false. The truth is we are weak minded and easily manipulated because we prefer to be spoon fed information; instead, of getting the information ourselves. The truth is, we are low class citizens in the eyes of our government leaders and we choose to do nothing. We prefer to be given a small piece of the cake without working for it because it's "easy". The truth is family, we all need to get off our collective ass and start working and educating our children so that our futures can be affected not just by the rich, white, and powerful; but instead, by the kaleidoscope of people which are the nations that represent us as a whole. We could be the rich and powerful if we all chose education over "flossing" and spending our monies on the latest gadgets or cars. Let's make better decisions with how we use the time on the clock family.

Remember that at one point the minorites flipped the script on the rich, white, and powerful and obtained equal rights. How sad it is to see that with the freedom we've attained we've chosen to do nothing and make a mockery of our brothers and sisters that have given up their lives for the sake of our freedom. The freedom which we take for granted today. It's hilariously ironic how our predecessors fought against slavery for our freedom and with the freedom we have... we choose to be enslaved again. Not a slavery of chains, whips, and labor but a slave to revolving debt because we choose to keep up with appearences as opposed to living comfortably within our means.


I love you all, keep hope alive, and let's start doing something today!

Fighting for what Matters

As the days go by and the years accumulate, I find myself constantly re-evaluating my investments and the returns I'm getting. By investments I mean how I invest my time. Is what I am doing on a daily basis giving me a return on my initial investment? If the answer is no I step away and put an end to it. Conversely, if the answer is "not yet" then I am patient with it and revisit it in a few months. For example I used to play any where and every where because I really loved to play at all times but I wouldn't really get paid for my performances and missed out on some good times with my family. Now I stopped playing all these "dead end shows" that don't result in anything except for a good time and the chance to make new relationships. At the end of the day those good times don't help pay the rent, buy food, or pay for ballet lessons. They don't pay me or make up for the time I've lost with my family. I am and will always write music because it's something in me that will never die; but the priority in me has now become providing everything necessary and above for my family. I encourage you all to do the same. Cherish your family and friends. The people who really matter in this life. God bless you all.

This Stuff is Hard!!!!!

Alright... so... DAMN!!!! (sigh) dude life is hard! I mean I know everyone always says that, we've all seen so many examples of the hardships of life, and we see it everyday on the streets (depending on where you grow up), but today taking skew of everything in my life and the amount of sleep I get on any given night... I have come to the conclusion that... yes life is definitely an endeavor that is not easy! hahaha between work, school, my wife, my kids, my church, my music, my extended family, and whatever else decides to pop up I have very little time to sleep or do anything "extra". Today, I found out that one of my former students was assassinated in queens on Saturday evening. It really made me think how fragile life is and how little time we truly have on this earth. Tomorrow is promised to no one so don't ever waste the little time you have. Every second is precious and every minute a gold mine. Dont waste it... choose to live it!

Help Me Make an Impact!!!!!

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Al fin... Soy uno solo!

¿Cuando dejara de llorar mi pueblo? ¿Cuando dejara de fluir sangre en los ríos de la tierra de mis padres, cual yo amo como mi propia carne? ¿Cuando terminarán los engaños, las violaciones de nuestras mujeres, el desprecio que se exhibe en los hechos de los malhechores que miramos en nuestro propio reflejo? ¿No se cansan de ver tantos ollos llenos de nuestros paisanos? El tiempo llegara donde existe ni rico ni pobre, negro, o blanco, asiático, caribeño, rusos, chinos, ni europeos. ¡Y que gran día será ese día! Cuando todos nos paramos en frente de Dios Padre y El trae todo lo oculto a la luz de su justicia. En ese día todas la voces que no tenían fuerza ni posición para defenderse tendrá su venganza. En ese día todos mis hermanos campecinos, todos mis hermanos latino e hispanos van estar al frente viendo la justicia de Dios caer sobre aquellos que le hicieron tanto daño en la tierra. ¿¡Y yo?! quisiera ser, simplemente, un portero en la puerta de ese gran juicio. ¡Cuanto me pesa el corazón! Cuanto me arde la conciencia que me quita el sueño en la noche cuando pienso en los niños en nuestro países. Yo quiero hacer algo por mi tierra, quiero traer auxilio a los damnificados de la destrucción que traer la malicia y el amor al dinero. ¿Pero como? ¿Adonde comienzo? ¿Soy una persona, solo un hombre? ¿Habrán otros que tienen esta misma pesadilla en el alma? !¿Escucharon!? !!!!!!!!¿¿¿PREGUNTE SI HAY OTROS COMO YO!!!!!!!!!????? ¿Quiero saber si soy el único que está harto de tanta injusticia? ¿Quiero saber si es verdad que estamos tan distraídos por las malditas modas y de los aparatos que salen a cada rato? ¿Están ciegos? ¿O se hacen? ¿Por favor alguien dime que no soy el único que le importa? Al fin soy uno solo... Pero si nos unimos TODOS podemos hacer mucho!

Mi corazon duele (My heart hurts)!!!

Es tremendo el dolor que siento en mi alma por la violencia, el abuso, y los engaños que siguen perpetuamente en los paises hispanos. Mis hermanos latinos pasan por momentos triste y horripilante. ¿Cuando sera que se levantara un lider en nuestros paises que le va importar el estado de su pueblo? ¿Que no permitirá robos o engaños de los que están supuesto a proteger al pueblo? ?CUANDO SERÁ QUE PODAMOS REGRESAR A LA TIERRA DE DONDE VINIERON NUESTROS PADRES SIN PREOCUPACION DE QUE NUESTRA "GENTE" NOS HAGA NINGÚN DAÑO? Estoy completamente hastiado de las situaciones en los paises latinos y quiero que alguien se levante para terminar con tanta injusticia. Que penoso es que no puedo ir y llevar mis hijos al pais que cautivó mi corazón cuando era niño. Que no puedo disfrutar, como antes, el aire fresco que pasa por las lomas de madrugada en San José de las Matas, o nadar en el río donde nadaba cuando iva de vacaciones en los veranos, o caminar por las mismas carreteras que caminaron mis padres, o coger fruta de los árboles que sembraron mis abuelos en Gualete? Me causa una pena muy grande. Por favor, alguien me puede decir ¿cuando será que dejaremos de matarrnos unos a otros y comenzar una época de amor, apoyo, unidad, honestidad, integridad, y paz en todos nuestros paises hispanos? Desde República Dominicana, a Puerto Rico, Argentina, Uruguay, Perú, México, España, Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, y todos lugares donde se habla nuestra hermosa lengua castellana. Mi oración es que Dios nos de las fuerzas para hacerlo.

New Drive!!!!

So after having a very close encounter with meningitis I was hospitalized the last week of June into the the 2nd week of July. I have been in recovery for the majority of the summer and I'm finally feeling like my old self again. I played my first show with the band this past friday August 1st and it was an absolute success. Going back to my illness though I have to say that after being sick and unable to tend to myself I am very grateful for my wife and my extended family that helped me through this tough time. Without them I wouldn't have been able to make it through. After reading about the affect meningitis had on other people I became very scared and very grateful for being alive. Meningitis has killed many people and left many others handicapped or severely disabled. All this has left me with such a grateful heart; even more so than before. So my message to all of you that read these things I post is be grateful for every second you have alive. Be grateful for the ability to use every part of your body with ease. I was unable to urinate for a while and let me tell you it SUCKED! I had a catheter for 2 weeks and it was the worst experience ever. Let's all stop complaining and start saying "thank you" to God for everything we have. Let's just stop complaining and start living each day with excellence. Love you all and I hope you all will love each other.

Anything Else?

So I've been doing a lot of thinking these last couple of weeks because of so much that has been happening in my life and in the lives of my family. I truly am at a loss for words. I am so perplexed and completely elated by the complexity of God's plan and purpose. The things that I grew frustrated at was his instrument of choice in molding me into the man that he wanted me to be. YES it's completely a cliche to even say that but it's the only thing I could really say to express what's going on in my life now. I am completely frustrated at the record industry and consumers alike. There are soooooo many people that complain that there's no good music out there, people complain about the suffering that people endure in foreign countries, people complain about their jobs, and the bills that they have to pay because they chose to buy a really expensive item that isn't really necssary. But the fact is that: there is good music out there being written and performed every day. Independent artist like myself write songs almost everyday beacuse they want the world and all the people in it to have a voice. To be able to express the frustrations of the heart. Not just a good hook to sell records for a few minutes and then fall completely out of the picture as quickly as they appeared. There are ways that people can help but they choose not to... I'm tired of the comlaining and I'm tired of everyone sitting around doing nothing. Im going after "it"! will you join me? because the fact is that the things we will be honored for and remembered by is not really what we gain or acquire but how we serve others with the gifts that we have. Let's work at this together.