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Ð-Boyz Ðistribution

Check out Ð-Boyz Ðistribution c/o Midwest Flowz Entertainment @ www.ReverbNation.com/label/MidwestFlowz Email: MidwestFlowCEO@Execs.com


How i got the name jusswes well i was tlking with one of my friends and they asked me what was my rap name going to be and i told them its going to be just wes as in just wes nd he was like jusswes that sounds cool and i never told him he helped me come up with my recording name but mane we cool so aint shit change lol



Tryna Make It

Im currently with a team no label or management nothing currently looking to get put out there so if u can help contact me wdespanza@hotmail.com gets sent straight to my iphone i always check it