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My Lovely Boy

I caught a glimpse of my lovely boy today. It reminded me of what is pure and special about him and I'm grateful for the moment.

Letting Go...

Last Thursday during the break at our house gig at The Putterham Grille in Chestnut Hill, Greg told Bob and me that he had been asked to play the new Weinstein production of "Finding Neverland" at The ART in Cambridge. I congratulated him with a mixture of pride and sadness. I love this man and know that he deserves this honor. What an incredible opportunity for him to be a part of the creative process before the show hits Broadway. But the gig is three months long. And although it's a wonderful opportunity for Greg, there's no one that fills his musical shoes, for me, and I will miss the feeling that comes with being a musical family, Greg, Bob and me. Finding the positive; which I try to do, will be the opportunities to play with other musicians. Balam Garcia, a fantastically talented musician who just graduated from Berklee will join us for a few evenings at PG. Balam is one of those guys that gets known for one instrument, for me, guitar, but actually plays a bunch more. New guy, new sound. I'm also hoping the great Jesse Williams will be joining us on some dates. Who knows what adventures we will have! I hope to see you at "Finding Neverland". I'll be the one hanging over the pit throwing kisses to my Greg and to our friend, Bob Bowlby who'll be playing too.

Welcome Home

As I settle into the new year and assess all that's happened to me over the past twelve months, I revel in being back at Putterham Grille. This comfortable room has been home to my trio for over a year. It was our place of birth. After all the crazy highs; of which there have been many, and the incredible "pedal to the metal" pursuit of more musical opportunities, it feels good to be back in the pocket that is PG, back to our regular Thursday nights. Pursing dreams is exhilarating but scary too. I have been willing, or maybe it's more accurate to say eager, to put myself out there this year. I've had some hard lessons to learn and I'm feeling the bumps and bruises. Bobby and Greg saw that last night and were there for me, to provide support and encouragement. There's nothing like feeling loved and accepted, especially by these guys. I admire them not only for their musical brilliance and for how they inspire me to be better, but also because they are such fine men. And the evening became one of those special nights where we played intuitively, with sensitivity and pure musical connection. We three share a bond that is so intensely personal, this beautiful thing of creating music together. And so while PG feels like home, my boys....well, they are my home sweet home.


Hi, I am starting a blog. I'm not sure if what I say will be interesting or inspirational, or be completely boring! But I've wanted to do a blog for some time. So here goes. You all know how much I love to sing. I feel most true to myself when I'm on a stage and lost in the spirit of sharing and connecting. I am most comfortable when I'm entertaining. Along those lines, I love to have dinner parties and cook and bake my carrot cake, which seems to be our group favorite. I love the whole process of creating an experience. Bringing interesting people together, hopefully making the evening a visually beautiful experience as well as creating an evening of delicious food, warm company and some crazy fun. Laughter is a big plus! I started working part time at a fashion job for Zomar Inc. Linda is a liquidator, a fashion broker and a little powerhouse of a mover and shaker. She dressed me for my Natalie Cole gig and for a party at Mistral. It struck me that working for her would be a great way to get her beautiful clothes. Thus began our relationship. Yesterday we spent the entire day getting ready for our sale. Those of you that know me, know how much I love a good sale! Linda left me on my own to merchandise the whole space. It was so creatively rewarding, it was physical and I had a blast. I love this little job. It fits so well with who I am. Creating on any level is way cool....

Just Joined Reverbnation!