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The age old question of, "What is my purpose here?", Never ceases to remain. In my opinion life is a learning process for all of us. We as humans all learn through trial and error. Most of us are to stubborn to take advice or direction, and act upon the thought that we know it all. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The very second that we think we know it all is the very second we cease to live. What is life without learning? There is no point of realization in life where you can honestly say 'Hey, I know it all'. Every day is another 24 hours to drive towards your goals and dreams, whatever they may be. Don't let anyone, and I mean anyone, tell you that your dreams are stupid or cannot be accomplished. Small minded people like to persuade the ambitious that what they have as goals are "unrealistic" or "impossible". Nothing could be farther from the truth. The thing about humans is that when we put our heart, soul and mind into something that we seek to accomplish, we will accomplish that. Boundaries and obstacles are just that, something to work through and get past. So, drive towards success and push towards your goals. No one is going to make it happen except you. You can only rely on yourself to accomplish what you truly want. Don't live your life with an apprehensive approach. People who do that end up being in a nursing home talking about the good ol' days and the plans they never accomplished because they were to scared. Fear is inevitable, not detrimental. So with all that said, use whatever resources you have to make it happen. Teach yourself. Study your craft, and make the "impossible" possible. -Eddie