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Last 2 tracks

Well, we are trying to write the last 2 tracks that will give us a total of 10 (there are 7 online and 1 almost done...). There are however around 30+ tracks half written that could be used.. but hoping to continue the vision and do things in the same vain as the demos released. Feel free to give feed back, there is a surprise in the future for you youtube peeps too! Stay metal \m/

3 tracks done

Well, new track posted on the FB page yesterday, getting some cool feedback, have a third ready for when we hit 100 followers on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/EscapeFromTheSky), working on two more and we should be starting our rehearsals for live gigs. Cheers Rob \m/

And it has begun....

So here we are, two tracks down (second one ready to go) and third on the way, 2 more in the works.