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OK….So, all sorts of exciting things going on this weekend. Of course you all know that we have the Exposed Festivals WinTour 2013 this weekend. YAY!!! Ticket sales are doing ok, but we would still like to see more of you come out to the shows!!

Last weekend was quite the adventure with Austin, Russell and I going down to Houston. Met some really AWESOME people down there, and we are pretty stoked about getting to hang out with them again tomorrow night. I had a blast with the guys.

Something that I noticed last Friday that I genuinely admire about Russell (and Ben too!), is that when other bands are on stage, they stand front and center and show their support. Even for bands that we don’t know, and not many people do that. I think it seems like bands these days are so worried about themselves that they forget to stop and listen to the music. I have watched bands that open for other bands just pick up their stuff and their fans and go after their set was finished. I just think that’s sucky. I love that about the guys, they always try to encourage everybody to stay and check out the other bands, and we always stay to see them play.

Anyways, enough about that, I mostly just wanted to update y’all on the show we have coming up at The Grotto. January 31st…..Russell the Greats Birthday! I really hope that everybody will go out of their way to make this show and come say Happy Birthday to Russell!!! As a matter of fact, if you don’t….I may just hunt you down and kick you….and not just any kick, a really hard kick, right in the knee. Haha.

I will do my very best to blog while on the road this weekend to keep yall posted on all the exciting events, and I will upload pics to the website and facebook. Regardless, you will hear about our weekend one way or another. Gypsy Devil is going to rock some socks this weekend, and I can’t wait to see it!!!!

P.S. Be looking forward to new music from Gypsy Devil soon! ;)

WinTour 2013 & Russell the Genius!!

Hello my gypsies!!

I have been working on getting these tickets for WinTour sold. It's a little more difficult than I thought it would be, but I am still pushing to get them sold. Help us spread the word. The tickets can be purchased through me personally or right on our website. Just click the Tickets tab and then select the show you would like to attend. I would appreciate the help reaching out to people to help us get these tickets sold. It's going to be a kick ass show that you really don't want to miss if you are a music lover like me.

Things are going well for Gypsy Devil. I have put a couple things on hold as we prepare for WinTour, but will be getting right back to work immediately once we return. We will have a whole new line up soon. :)

If you haven't already heard, we have climbed our way up to #34 in the local rankings on ReverbNation.....which is pretty awesome considering the amount of bands on that website.

I am really excited about tonight, I will be attending the 15 year anniversary party for The Curtain Club with Russell. Looking forward to dragging him out of his *cave*. haha. It's nice once and a while to let the world know that he is in fact still alive. If there is one thing I know about Russ, it's that he is a musical genius. The fact that he secludes himself from the world just gives us another clue of his greatness.... a lot of amazing people secluded themselves from the world, yet we know who they are. People like Emily Dickinson, who like Russell, was also a literary genius, did not like to be around people. She preferred seclusion from the rest of the world. What is it that makes a genius so different from us "normal" people?

There's nothing "ordinary" about a genius. Rather than *following* norms and seek to adapt, a genius will *define* the entire ontology of this world to his personal liking; then seek to improve the parts that are not "proper", asking questions about the very foundations of reality and our understanding of it in ways that seem almost *blasphemous* to everybody else. This is no matter of choice, it happens compulsively. In fact, you could say that genius is a kind of a mental disorder, insofar that the mind of a genius works in ways that are as far removed from what's "normal" as does that of a schizophrenic. The only real difference lies in a (relative) ability to function within the social order, and emphatise with other people.

Ordinary people, on the other hand, are more often than not *practical thinkers* who worry about their own well-being, and the pragmatic problems within their lives, before they worry about something which seems *improper* within our general ontology - whereas a genius is likely to starve to death while contemplating some obscure cognitive problem that is beyond the comprehensive capabilities of almost everybody else. In my opinion, the phenomenon of *genius* is a common anomaly in biology, a sort of mutant form of its species. In a sense you could say it is about passion, the genius is *driven* by some kind of alien energy source that is inaccessible to "normal" people, and that to me......is Russell. If you know him, you can understand exactly what I am trying to say. :)

Well, I think I have rambled on long enough. Looking forward to seeing everybody tonight!!

xoxo The Gypsy Devil Girl


So guess what everybody.... Just got word last night that GYPSY DEVIL will be playing The Grotto on Thurs Jan 31st @ 11 pm.

Not only will this be a special night because it is our first time playing there, but it is also the one and only Russell Willards birthday!! Looks like we will be celebrating it with yall at The Grotto in Ft Worth. YAY!!! I am especially excited about booking this show since I was told by a guy (who doesn't deserve to be named) that I would never be able to book GYPSY DEVIL there with out his help, and the only way he would help me is if I took care of him first! hahahaha. Sorry gross guy, but don't EVER doubt my abilities. You tell me that I can't do something.....Well that just makes me want to do it even more. :) So I look forward to running into this creep just to let him know that we hope to see him at the show. haha. ;)

Also, I know I'm not "in" the band, but I had my own little personal Gypsy Devil Manager photo shoot last night. I posted them above so everybody could check them out. I will be shooting the 2nd half of the pictures tomorrow night. So come back and check them out. They should be up by Sunday evening.

Hey while you're hear at GypsyDevil.com, don't forget to visit the TICKETS page to purchase your Exposed Festival WinTour 2013 Pre-sale tickets while we've got them. You do not want to miss this show, it's going to be BADASS!!! Everybody will be there..... will you?

Get your tickets now. Anybody who purchases tickets online through our website will be entered for a chance to win a free GYPSY DEVIL tshirt and beanie. Be on the look out for our Online Store coming soon. We are so excited to be sharing in all these exciting things with yall....

Peace, Love & Gypsy Devil xoxo


Hey everybody!!! Gypsy Devil will be performing at The Boiler Room this Sat Dec. 29th. Doors open at 8 pm. I suggest yall get there early so you don't miss out on all the great bands.... :)

Sorry it has been a little while since my last blog. With Christmas and all, we have all been pretty busy. I have been working hard though. I wanted to share with yall that we will be apart of the Exposed festivals WinTour 2013 for all the Texas shows. That means 3 cities that are not Dallas!! This is huge. Tickets are now on pre-sale. You can get them from me for $10.00. If you are interested in getting some before they are gone, you can reach me here or on facebook. This is NOT something you want to miss! This is huge for Gypsy Devil and I couldn't be more proud of the guys!!!

I am really looking forward to seeing everybody tomorrow, and we should have t-shirts and beanies (im HOPING). As for you lame people that can't make it.... haha. I will make sure to blog an update on how it turned out.

Hope everybody has a Happy New Year!


Let me just start by saying that TREES for Gypsy Devil was an absolute success. We reached our goal of 50 people. YAY! I think the TREES experience taught me more than a couple lessons....BUT now I know. haha.

Now, for this weekend, Gypsy Devil will be performing at The Curtain Club for the TOYS FOR TOTS charity event. If you don't have plans, or even if you do... you should come out and help support your local children that might not get to have Christmas this year and your local music. All proceeds from the show will be going to TOYS FOR TOTS. No cover if you bring a toy with a value of $10 or more. Come show your support for TOYS FOR TOTS and especially Gypsy Devil.

I would just like to add, that we found out yesterday Gypsy Devil will be a part of the WinTour 2013. This is SUPER exciting news. The event is hosted by Jennifer "Jenncity" Arroyo, the bassist from the all female band Kittie! I am so freaking stoked about this. The date we have so far is Jan 27th 2013 in Ft Worth. I am hoping to get a couple of dates added to that....I will keep yall posted of course.

Great things keep happening for Gypsy Devil, and they are so deserving of everything good that comes their way. Even if they don't realize it. I just can't wait to see what else is in store for us. We truly appreciate the support from those of you who have made the effort to be a part of everything that's been going on. I love meeting all the new fans and seeing people we didn't know before return to the next show just to see Gypsy Devil. Our fan base is growing and it is an incredible feeling to get to experience all of it with Ruskell face and Ben (he needs a nickname).

We hope everybody is having a great Holiday season!

Peace. Love. & Gypsy Devil.


3 MORE DAYS UNTIL TREES!!! I don't know about yall but I am STOKED about the show this weekend. Gypys Devil is about to rock the leaves out of TREES! haha. I know I'm a dork, it's one of many things you will learn about me. :) I got to go to dinner with Russ and Ben last Wed. It was the best time I have had in a while. Listening to them converse and throwing my little ad-libs in here and there is my most favorite thing to do. I feel like I'm a very lucky girl to have Russell and Ben as 2 of my closest friends. I went to see Russ last night too. It really is extraordinary how his mind works. Definitely one of a kind. I can't wait to hear all the new songs he has created. Yeah! There are even songs that I haven't heard yet. Tons of them... You know what that means? Gypsy Devil is going to be around for a while. haha. I heard one of the new ones at HOB and it was EPIC. I loved it. Everybody seemed to! Me and the guys will be out in Dallas tomorrow night promoting the show. Hopefully it's not freezing cold. ;) I'll let yall know how that goes. I am looking forward to seeing everybody this weekend. For sure be there or be lame... Larer Gators!


Well, we received the link to the very first Gypsy Devil video. It's pretty awesome! The link is below, so make sure you go check it out.


I don't have a lot to say at the moment, the guys got to practice last night. That makes me happy of course. haha. I think we are all pretty anxious for the show at TREES. This is an amazing opportunity, plus they are getting to play with Lance Lopez, who is badass! We really have to work together to get people to this show. It is imperative that people understand how important this show in particular is to Gypsy Devil. Maybe some of you don't know, but TREES is kind of a BIG deal, and these guys are going to rock their socks off. ;)

Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple days! Everybody keeps talking about the things they are thankful for..... Me, I am thankful for a lot, but most of all, I am so thankful for Gypsy Devil. They really are amazing. I try very hard to be the uplifting, have no worries person in their life, but honestly, they do that for me just as much as I do for them. I really am thankful for them. I am pretty freakin lucky!!!

Gypsy Devil will make it, and for those of you who are awesome enough to join us for the ride, you will be the ones to help make it all happen! With that being said, we decided that we would like to get some shots of the audience in the next video footage. Which will be recorded at TREES. If you would like to be a part of that, then all you have to do is show up! Show up, let them know you are there for Gypsy Devil and be sure to be up near the stage during the GD performance.

I can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces!!! :)


So....last night, all I can say is AWESOME! We were able to have the guys from Ethos Media come out and get photos and footage of the guys during their performance. It was so cool seeing everything happen. I felt like a proud mother. :)

We did get the Promo Pak in time to provide the House of Blues with, so that was really exciting as well... Russell said, "It's deceptively purple!" More like deceptively BADASS!!! haha. It really was cool seeing the real thing right there in our hands. I hated giving it to them. haha. I would have been content with hanging it on my wall.

I love watching other people watch Gypsy Devil perform. Especially if I know that they have never heard them before or have never seen them live. Russell and I had talked about the fact that he has a tendency to close his eyes when he sings, so I have to make sure that I take in everybody's reactions while they are up on stage, this way I can give him a full recap of what people are saying and doing during the show. It's all just so much fun to me. Every single aspect of it, even getting to be their eyes and ears while they are on stage.

So, I know I mentioned it on Facebook, but for our followers that don't have me on facebook, I would like to announce that as of 11/13/2012 I am OFFICIALLY the Manager of Gypsy Devil.... :) *You can't see me right now, but I have a GINORMOUS grin on my face, I smile every single time I say it. haha* When Russell told me...at that moment, all I could think was, "This is the best freakin day of my life!" (Yeah yeah, other than the kids...blah blah whatever...) I have never been more serious or focused on anything, but like I always say, Russell and Ben make it very easy to remain driven and motivated. These guys inspire me. They both have so much passion for what they are doing. I am just very happy that the 3 of us put together, are a force to be reckoned with. You really don't want to get in our way. WE WILL EAT YOU FOR DINNER!!! haha. At least when it comes to anything that has to do with music. :)

OH.... ANDDD....Gypsy Devil officially has 2 more shows coming up. December 1st @ TREES (Everybody is SUPER stoked about that one, which by the way, we can use all the support we can get on this one. So if you live here in the DFW area bring your ass. We would love to meet new fans and of course see old friends.) Then they also will be a part of the "TOYS FOR TOTS" show at The Curtain Club December 8th. To enter, it will be a $10 cover OR you can bring a toy for the charity. Either way, all proceeds go to TOYS FOR TOTS. So it will be a great experience for the guys. I think we are all looking forward to it very much. Im so glad they chose that slot.

Well, we have been blessed with some great things happening. It just makes me want to push harder. I know amazing things are in store for my guys and I just can't wait to watch it all happen, along with yall, right before our eyes, and PS...if you have an Android, why don't you go ahead and download the Gypsy Devil app!! It will be available for apple users soon. I will keep you posted. :) Just do it, don't be lame....

Tomorrow, "Open Mic Night"

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I can't wait for, tomorrow...it's only a day away!!!!!

LOL. Well clearly I am excited about the Open Mic Night at House of Blues tomorrow. The guys seem pretty excited too. From what I hear, they had a great rehearsal last night. Which to me is FANTASTIC news. I know the guys will be kick ass tomorrow night, they always are. I am hoping that Ben's shoulder will be feeling better and not bothering him to much. It's still sore from the motorcycle accident. I can imagine that if Russell is reading this he is thinking, "That fucker better get over it." haha. Which I am sure Ben will, and everybody will be happy and play just perfectly.

I have been trying to blog for the last 3 nights, but have found myself waking up with the laptop on top of me at 3 am in the morning. If that's not a sign of being exhausted, I don't know what is. haha.

I am getting pretty anxious and a little nervous on if the Proof for the Promo Pak will be here in time tomorrow. It will devestate me if it isn't. After everybody's hard work to get it pulled together. I can't wait for the guys and I to be able to hand that thing over like "Yeah this is just something we threw together for yall, no biggie!" LOL While inside I am ready to burst with joy that we were able to give them anything at all. I did get the email that it has been shipped though, so everybody keep your fingers crossed. :) It says that it should be here sometime tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I have Devin and the guys from Ethos Media coming out tomorrow night to shoot the Gypsy Devil set? Devin has been fantastic to work with and we are looking forward to meeting them tomorrow night. They will be taking high quality video and sound footage for the new Gypsy Devil YouTube video that will be coming out soon. That I am pretty excited about too. I guess I am just excited about everything huh... haha.

So anyways, I know this is a shorter blog, but I can promise that after tomorrow night I will most definitely have something more exciting to talk about. So for those who are lame and don't come to the House of Blues tomorrow can at least read about all of the awesomeness they missed out on. ;)

Later all you lovely Gypsies!!!

Promo Proof #1 = AMAZING!

So dudes....The first draft of the promo was emailed to us today, the guys at National Media Services are really on top of their game. I almost peed my pants with excitement when I saw the email come across. While we immediately saw changes that needed to be made, it's impossible to describe the feeling of seeing it all finally come together. I can't help but to laugh when I look at the bio still; because it took 2 weeks of me being completely up Russell and Ben's butts for me to come up with that one little page. Haha.. Don't get me wrong, I am still up there butts, but they are good sports about it. ;)

I think it's safe to say that we are looking forward to getting the actual real deal in the mail. Personally, I think the fun is just getting started. These guys are eager to play, and if play is what Gypsy Devil wants, then that's what I am going to get them. As soon as these promos come in it will be time to get to work. I really never thought about what other bands did to get themselves out there and how much work it actually is, but when you are working with guys like Russell and Ben, it's not the slightest bit difficult to stay motivated and keep pushing forward. We are definitely all on the same page when it comes to that.

I feel so lucky to have Gypsy Devil be the first band I have ever promoted. Not only are they my friends, but like they will tell you, they are 'awesome'! I just want to say to another promoter some day "Ha Ha my band is better than yours!" I had a conversation with a friend earlier about the amount of belief that I have in these guys. It's just so easy....they are freakin' Great! Haha.

Everyday is so exciting. I never thought I would ever look forward to getting off work so that I could go to work. :) Ruskell and Ben, I just really want to thank you both for making this such an AMAZING experience, and for letting my crazy ass run with it. I have to admit that I can't wait to see everything play out how it's supposed to for yall. You guys are going to be GREAT!!

I just know it....