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Rapesgiving (11/22)

Think about all the 3rd world kids who have died from poverty in the last year while you take for granted every bit of food around you and act like you're thankful. Also, when you stop at the Shell station on your way to grandma's, think about all the natives that you've pushed into the rockiest land in the country under the illusion of reservation, and what kind of hand they were really dealt whe n white men exploited their land to end up pushing crooked ideas of "manifest destiny", to sell oil, drugs and processed foods that cause cancer and disease... Oh, and to anyone shopping tomorrow for shit nobody needs, I hope you and your descendants end up prone and raped as my ancestors were. Happy Rapesgiving, guess the Cowboys beat the Redskins when it really counted

Taxing + Tithing = Terrorism

Organized religion and Government are intercepting the people's gifts to Earth. We take what we need and give 10% back... To the Earth. The Earth that is supposed to sustain us! .. If we are giving that 10% in the form of money to jerks who COLLECT the stuff that supports our COMMERCIAL "economy" and literally burn up the entire planet's resources without replacing a bit of it, then we are supporting something like a Global Mafia. THAT is fuckin' terrorism folks.

Where I'm from...

First off: I-S-O is ILL-SIDE-OUT. It consists of PanDemonyum and myself. It equals two producers and two rappers. Secondly: B.C.K. stands for BoxCar Kidz, and it is a family of four (G.Money, Prince Alo, myself, and one member withdrawn from the arts). Thirdly: BreakDown Ent. is a 7-man musical machine made-up of Biggin King (rapper), A Beast (producer), Prince Alo (rapper), Rudy C (rapper), G. Money (rapper), K-Loon (rapper/singer) and Nate Tha Great (producer/rapper/singer). These are my boys and we all represent different aspects of life and art, but collectively we are all about makin' an impact on this game of rap, and changing our communities with our music.