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Status Update By Monie Monie

natural born losers new songs sound great! good practice last night got alot of work done! mushalini and I are starting to gel, scully n chuck kickin ass! bands really coming into its own, peace

We Don't Keep calm...we turn shit UP!!

New Song...'Don't Wait Up For Me' Check it out.

Those who haven't kept up....we have another guitarist, Scully, from Metal Decay is jamming with us....Check him out. Looks like we are bring Elvis back to our gigs and Justin Bieber too,,,we can only hope!!

Losers Out...we gone!!

To Much Drinkin'?

Natural Born Losers don't get drunk...we get awesome!!!

New Songs Coming

3 new originals are written and complete. The titles are-- DO OR DIE, WICKED, VENDETTA. 1 new cover on set list FORTUNATE SON by CCR--get you butt to a gig and check it out...Big Fun for all!!!

Fuckin' A!!!

Boozed up...Bang out some tunes...laughed our asses off....Great time at Dingbatz....thanks everyone...see ya'all soon

Welcome Tommi Gywnn

1st Rehersal with new guitarist even tho he has performed with NBL at the Delancey